I'm Gina and this is my Story By Justine Franklin


20th June 2015

Dear diary,

In 20 hour I will be in a country that I have never even seen before. I spent all of my money on the flight to get there, I now have nothing now. I left my husband and my children behind; I don’t know why I did this!

I am hoping that when I get to Europe that I will find a job and that everything I have hear about Europe is correct. I got in contacted with a cousin of mine, he told me that everyone is rich in Europe and that you will earn a lot of money in Europe.

27th June 2015

Dear diary,

It has been a week since I last wrote in my diary. Between trying to get a place to live and finding a job, this has been the only that i have gotten to just sit down and write.

Yesterday I finally found a place to stay. I am still looking for a job so I can buy food and pay the rent, but I am hoping that I will hear back from one soon.

I miss my family like crazy. I can't contact them and I am scared that they are in trouble, what happens if they run out of food or someone gets sick. How are they going to pay for anything. I have to send money over to them but I don't even have any money for me.

21st June 2015

Dear Diary,

I wish that I had never moved here. I just want to go home and see my family. I have no money and I got kicked out of the apartment because I couldn't pay the rent. i was got told that i have to go back to my country because my visa has been denied. i guess i am going home now

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