Respect is needed for India Were is it?

Background On India

India has a very low economy, but they have the comparative advantage over the US. They have a better training in our technology. They are paid below minimum wage in America. They take classes for about 5 years to do this call center job, then during the years they work at the job center they take refresher classes so they stay on top of working at the best they can. Since they are better trained in our technology, they are at a comparativeadvantage.

Info on the training that goes into a call center job

The teachers that prepare the future workers for there jobs are harsh, but they can also be nice sometimes. They teach the workers how to talk to the Americans in English and to be as useful as they can be. Future workers, take these classes for 5 years, many classes, and a lot of refresher courses. So when they get there future jobs, they can help the person with there problems. They earn below minimum wage in the US.

How much people are paid and job conditions

People who have the I.T. job are paid below the minimum wage for an American of $10. Most of the calls made to a call center the people are in a bad moods. The workers are on their computers and headsets 24/7. So they do not really get a break from work. The refresher classes they take are about as hard as the original classes.


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