Fair, Emily Photography 1


This picture demonstrates macro because it shows an image that looks bigger than it actually is in real life. The focal point is in the center of the flower and you can see almost every detail of the center. I like the the color scheme with the bright with the yellow, orange, a little pink, and green in the middle and around in the background. The middle kind of creates a spiral effect in the middle too.

Leading lines

This picture above demonstrates leading lines with the tunnel it creates with the trees and eventually has a vanish point. The focal point is in the middle and as the trees get further and further away they start to blur. This creates it to look like it goes forever. There are no distractions and I like that you can see the bark very clearly with the trees in closer to the front. The green creates soe color so it is not just the bark you see.


This photo above makes a good monochrome because of the different textures. It also has light and dark places. The shadow create contrast between the light and the dark. I like this picture because the flowers really stick out from the shadows and gives it almost a 3D look to it.


I took three pictures and created an action by action photo of what has happened. I cut out the 1st and second action shot and copied them one at a time. Then I pasted them into the sequence by which it happened. Then after I put them on the last picture I made the 1st in sequence the most transparent then the 2nd a little less transparent and the last one ha no transparency at all. This allowed the photo not to clash because the transparency made the cutouts different.

Rule of thirds

The picture above demonstrates the rule of thirds and the bright yellow is outlined by the bright green. The focal point of the the flower is two-thirds of the way over and up. It takes up two-thirds of the entirety of the canvas. There are no distractions in the background and the green leaves in front are in focus but the leaves in the back slowly fade out into a blur. I love the colors green and yellow because they can both be bright but yet do not take away from each other.

still life

This photo above created a lot of problems for me. The lights in the room created a weird glare. Then I tried to cancel it out with the flood light, but that did not work because it was too bright and you could see the actual light in it. So I got underneath the table and used my camera flash. There is a little glare but it is not overpowering. My inspiration was the rose from Beauty and the Beast. I think professional lights would be necessary for this type of photo.

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