Jabez Ikatlong Markahan

Hinabing Haraya 2016: Isang Harding Papel

It was fun because my parents are proud. We even went to the mall. I love hinabing haraya!


Pangangaluluwa was so fun. I liked the chocolate syrup so much. The food was so sweeet!


I liked it because we are fighting for our country. Marcos is very bad. We are so angry at you Marcos!

Lakbay-aral: Museo ng Katipunan

I liked the field trip. The field trip was so, so, so fun! I love Katipuneros so much!

Pagpupugay kay Bonifacio

I liked the boodle fight. The food they served was so yummy. I like Andres Bonifacio because he is my favorite person.

Shark Attack!

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Patricia Linsangan

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