sitting in the fire fast for reflection, healing and rebirth

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Lucy Márquez: We are all human beings

I’ve been living here 17, 18 years. I’m from Mexico, the state of Chihuahua. I don’t work now, but in Mexico I worked as a secretary. I’m married and have three girls — two of them 16 years old, and one 11. My husband was already here, working in construction, when I decided to join him. My girls were born here.

From the moment I got here, I put down roots. I didn’t have any trouble adapting. My extended family lives in Chihuahua, but since I get to see them —thank God — when they come to visit, I don’t miss Mexico that much.

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I am going to focus on praying for families

I started as a volunteer at New Sanctuary Movement five years ago, and now I’m a board member. The board, basically, gets together to contribute ideas. It is renewed as new people come on board, and at the same time it safeguards the values of the organization.

Blanca [Pacheco] invited me to participate in this fast, I anticipate fast several half days, until 1 p.m. [While I’m fasting] I’m going to focus on praying for families, so that they stop being separated, and for the president and his cabinet so they what they decide is just, and not these bad laws and policies without merit.

Years ago you didn’t feel the fear you do now. The fact that right now families are being separated makes people fearful. My daughters are citizens, and even so I feel apprehensive. And since I drive —to take my daughters to school, to shop, etc.— more so.

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One way or another, we have to push for immigration reform. That means keeping families together, and we need a favorable pathway to legalization.

The most important thing is to remember that we are all human beings. These injustices are committed against human beings, by their fellow human beings.

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