Pride of the Spartans ONE BAND, ONE SOUND.

Summary: There are many benefits that one gains by being apart of a college marching band. Through being part of the band, each member will learn the true meaning of teamwork. The band cannot function without each and every member. The band is a family. A family where every person knows that their presence is valued.

Photos of the Spartan marching band

Here are the top four reasons to join marching band:

1. You're around a bunch of people with similar interests.

It can be extremely satisfying to be around people who enjoy music just as much as you do.

2. You learn how to work in a team.

In marching, it’s all for one. It doesn’t work if one person stands out over the rest. It’s about the entire band.

3. You learn how to multitask.

You have to play your memorized music on your instrument/twirl your flag, look at the drum major, listen to the percussion and play with them, pay attention to the spacing of everyone around you without moving your head, be careful of your embouchure and balance, and remember when and where your next move is…all while trying to remember to breathe.

4. You become a better musician

All the time that you spend in marching band is also time spent practicing and becoming a stronger more dedicated musician.


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