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Principal's Corner

It's been an amazing third six weeks here at Dubose Intermediate! Students have been working hard to build their literacy skills. Our teachers and staff have been working hard preparing our students for their annual benchmark exams. Exams will be given in all STAAR tested subject areas. Here at Dubose, fifth graders are assessed in Reading, Math and Science. Sixth graders are tested in two subject areas, Reading and Math. Tips you can utilize to assist in ensuring your student is working toward his/her full potential in the coming weeks include:

* Pay close attention to your child's progress report/report card grades. Be sure you set up a parent/teacher conference if you have any concerns.

* Ensure your child is arriving to class on time everyday. The tardy bell rings at 8:15 a.m.

* ASK your child to explain/describe for you test taking strategies they are using in the classroom. Your child's ability to explain what is happening in the school setting proves he/she is aware of what must be done to be successful on assignments/exams.

* Ensure your child is doing his/her homework daily.

* Encourage your child to read as much as possible to increase his/her vocabulary — even reading magazines, newspapers, and comic books regularly will help improve reading skills.

Respectfully, Mrs. Orta

As an Assistant Principal, working with students and parents is at the forefront of all daily responsibilities; providing guidance on the steps necessary for implementing responsible decision-making. For students, the responsible decision-making process is made up of several components such as, understanding yourself, your actions and how they affect others. Our students are at the cusp of adolescence and sometimes responsible decision-making for them can be clouded by pressures from friends, opinions from other students and the want/need to be the cool one on campus- essentially, the need to be socially accepted. Teachers and staff at Dubose Intermediate are committed to maintaining a supportive environment for students as we assist them in navigating through difficult choices and preparing them for future success.

Thank You

Mrs. Johnson

Dear Parents,

Dear Alice ISD parents and Guardians,

Dubose has had children recently diagnosed with Flu and Strep. Please be assured the district has implemented the disinfecting process as of the first confirmed case. Please monitor your child for symptoms and take your child to be evaluated by his / her physician if you suspect your child may have the flu or sore throat (strep).To avoid the spread of the Flu, Flu like illnesses, stomach viruses and other contagious illness, Alice ISD would like to remind all parents of the following district policies. A child will be sent home with the following: Suspected contagious disease, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or if your child feels too ill to remain at school.

If your child has any of the above symptoms in the morning before coming to school, please keep them at home or take them to their Physician or Pediatrician. If you are called to pick up your child, please make arrangements to pick them up quickly.

Your child may return to school only after contagious symptoms have cleared and your child has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications (such as Tylenol or Motrin) and / or when a return to school slip is provided by the doctor.

Remind your children / students to practice good hand washing techniques every day before eating , after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing on them, and whenever they are visibly dirty. Wash your hands using friction for at least 20 seconds then rinse thoroughly for 10 seconds. Then dry your hands.

Thank you,

Stephanie Lozano LVN

Dubose Intermediate Nurse &Alice ISD Health Services

Formula for Success Parents + AISD = TEAM

Healthy body + Healthy minds) = Strong, Healthy and Successful Students!

Thank you,

Stephanie Lozano LVN

Parent Liaison

Parental Involvement has been awesome here at Dubose. Dubose provided their parent volunteers with an appreciation luncheon this month. Parents got to enjoy some delicious goodies from Cafe 400. Parents attended the annual Regional Parent & Family Engagement Conference Tues. Feb 4th. Our next parent event here at Dubose will be arriving soon. We will be hosting a STAAR Literacy Night! Look out for the flyers and details soon.

Ms. Yvonne atyvonnem.delagarza@aliceisd.net *

Our Volunteers are the heart of our Dubose Team!



5th Grade math has been busy teaching Unit 8 - Geometry and Measurement. This unit includes conversions, shapes, volume, area, and perimeter. Students will be testing over this unit January 31st. Benchmark is quickly approaching in 3 weeks. The Math benchmark will be February 12th. As soon as scores come in, we will be sending a Benchmark Data Letter home. Please ensure that if your child was asked to attend tutorials, they make an effort to attend.

Teachers: Mrs. M. Garcia/Mrs. Barrera


Teachers: Dr. Perez/Mrs. Sprouse

January has brought challenging material to learn and students who have been working hard and studying are being very successful. Hats off to you for your hard work and dedication to your learning. We have finished Unit 7 over equations and inequalities and have begun Unit 8. We will continue working with creating equations, tables, and graphs and identifying the independent and dependent variables in real-world problems. Our Unit 8 test will be over Chapter 6 and the same concepts from Unit 7 will be tested again to make sure students remember what they have learned. Our Unit 8 test will be February 13th and 14th. Unit 9 will bring our Geometry concepts. We will begin that unit in the second half of February and take us into March. Changing from fractions, decimals, and percents is what all students need to be working on and reviewing. Please ensure your child is completing their assignments daily. We are seeing several students not completing their work and this is resulting in failing grades. Please ensure your child is in dress code each day. Please ensure your child is ready and prepared (has supplies each day) and willing to learn for success. Please check the parent portal and grades daily. Please also read the posts on Remind. ISIP testing will be the first week of February. 6th grade benchmarks are currently scheduled for March 10-11, 2020. Please remember, 6th grade students only have one chance to test this year and it is very important that your child is ready and will do their best.

Thank you and let's continue to work hard!

Mrs. Sprouse and Dr. Perez

Continue to check Remind daily for updates.

If you have any questions, please email us at our school email.



Students came back from break having to test their knowledge on Sedimentary rock formation, fossil fuel formation, and landforms. We were then able to begin our Water Cycle and Weather and Climate section. During this Unit we were able to track weather every day and understand the difference between weather and climate. Students were able to identify the difference and could come up with many of their own examples. We will now be kicking off our Earth and Space unit. The kids seem to be really interested in this unit!

Teacher: Ms. Stephens/Mrs. Howard


Our 6th grade scientists have completed Unit 3, Investigating Force and Motion. They participated in a lab calculating their own speed, compared and contrasted potential and kinetic energy, and explored changes in motion. This next six weeks we will be moving on to Unit 4, Investigating Energy Resources and Transformations. The students will be researching the advantages and disadvantages of using coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, wind, hydropower, geothermal and solar resources.

Teachers: Mrs. Staff/ Mrs Botello

Social Studies

The students just finished studying about regional differences and the ongoing debate about slavery dividing the Union, which resulted in war. In addition, they have studied about Social Changes that have been brought up about the Civil War and how Slavery was ending in the United States.

Teachers: Mrs. Gomez/Mrs. R. Garcia

6th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies classes have been busy learning about European countries. We critiqued works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Vincent van GoghMonet, and Raphael. We studied the different types of government, monarchy/republic,and head of state and government. The students were really interested in the Cold War and how the war was between two sides not really wanting to fight but instead had a lot of tension and mistrust. The collapse of the Soviet Union was also an interesting piece that they enjoyed learning about. Also discussed was the Scandinavian peninsula and the different elements of culture. We wrapped up by eating Belgium waffles since the French Flanders claim its paternity.

Teachers: Mrs. Perez



This month in ELAR we studied the genre informational text. This genre is very important for 5th graders to be familiar with. Our students are required to analyze text structure, authors purpose and message along with other vital components of the this particular genre. Our next genre we will explore is Drama, which will be fun.

Please remind your students that they should be reading 30 mins each day as this will prepare them for our coming test season.

Teachers: Mrs. Gonzalez/ Mrs. Patton

*Please remind your students that they should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes a night. Students will be able to check out library books during their intervention periods*


Since returning from Christmas break we have been busy reading and analyzing argumentative texts. We are currently writing our own argumentative essay over drilling for oil in protected areas. Students had to pick a side and then find evidence to support their view. When they are done writing they will present it to a classmate with an opposing view to try and get them to change their mind. Our next unit assessment is quickly approaching on February 12th, it will focus on reading and analyzing argumentative texts.

Teachers: Mrs. Toerck/Mrs. Beltran

Technology App

Teachers: Mrs. Best/ Ms.Oyerivdes

In technology we started the new semester working with fifth grade students. We have been beginning working on their keyboarding skills. Students are expected to learn where the keys are without looking and keeping their fingers on the correct keys. It has been challenging for them but many of them are becoming very good at typing with speed and accuracy. At the first of every class period students are practicing typing using Typing.com We are also reinforcing student’s typing skills by using typing games and Niro Type. They are enjoying competing with each other in Nitro Type.

In our Technology Application lessons we have been working on being good digital citizens while online. We have been discussing being safe online, what information is private or personal, digital etiquette and leaving a digital footprint. Our students are working very hard in becoming proficient in using technology in order to be prepared for the future.

Reader's Corner

Here is the library's info:

The 3rd Six Weeks was a busy time for our students. Students that met their AR goal with an 80% passing for the 3rd Six Weeks were treated to a field trip to the movies when we returned from the holiday break. 71 total students were awarded with a trip to see "Spies in Disguise." The students had a great time, behaved well, and were given a snack while watching the movie.

Students were given the Middle of the Year Accelerated Reader Star Test to evaluate reading levels. Students were retested and new levels have been assigned. New goals have been set for the 4th and 5th Six Weeks. For any questions about Accelerated Reader, please contact Mrs. A.Z. Garza in the library at ext. 1417.

Please continue to have your students reading!! We have great incentives to offer our students for the six weeks markings and the end of the year! An out of town end of year trip will be rewarded to students that have 75 points or more! Keep reading!!


Running Club

Hello Parents

Welcome back from Christmas break, we are a month into January and Running Club has been busy. We have started working LIL Dribblers concession to help raise money for our end of the year field trip. We want to thank all the parents for their donations to help our students raise money. We will continue to work hard to make sure that all students are making their mile times.

Thank You

Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Staff

Up Coming Events