A scared, little dog ran away from an abusive owner to an unknown future.

After a hard life on the unforgiving streets the dog was rescued and taken to a local shelter were her bruised body was healed, but her broken heart cried out for a family.

Misha, along with an orphaned pug, were adopted by an interesting family with three other dogs: a military dog named Tank, a prissy Maltese names Gabriella, and a crazy circus poodle named Coco.

Misha soon learns her new family has an unusual occupation that forces her to face her fears from her past and become a brave dog. She steps into a new life full of love, fun, and adventure. She soon transforms into something she never imagined.

Misha the Brave is an award-winning and Newbery nominee, children's/middle grade, novel about finding the courage to overcome life's struggles and be brave enough to embrace life and help others. Available online, and in bookstores, worldwide.

For educators there is a companion workbook, Vazdoo's Lessons for: Goodbye Poonjab, with 15 lessons and activities for students. A full answer key is printed in the back.

Background image use with permission and license by AdobeStock.


All illustrations are form Misha the Brave, written and illustrated, by Tabbatha Bella.

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