My Mood Monster

Brief App Outline

My Mood Monster is an app designed to support and monitor children during bereavement, by allowing children to input their thoughts and feelings into a daily mood log. Users will be able to create and customise their own mood monster, earning virtual points and stickers each time they complete their mood log. These points can then be uses to buy clothing and miscellaneous items for their monster.

Each time the child completes the mood log, the information will be sent to the across to the account in which the device is registered to, allowing parents to view their child’s logs. Additionally, there will be an option to parent the account to an additional email address, allowing the information to be sent across to a therapist or support counsellor. The therapist would thereby be able to log in to their account and view the information collected, with the opportunity to amend and adjust any questions that appear on the child’s log.

Adobe XD Prototypes

Character Creation

Short Animation

As I was unable to include animations when using Adobe XD, I created a very brief animation using After Effects, demonstrating how the monsters will blink and move on the main app home screen. This is something which could be used on both application screens, with the opportunity to develop it further using Adobe Character Animator.

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