Ch.23-25 By:Molly Meyers

Josef's Return

In this chapter Josef returns and gets everybody in a bad mood. One time at dinner Rudi and Josef start arguing about Germans and how a few years ago there was a uprising against the Germans. Josef gets so mad that he starts to grab Rudi's neck, but his hand went past Ingrid so Sasha pounced on him. Rudi grabbed Sasha so Sasha wouldn't kill Josef

A Hard Decision

In this chapter, Rudi decided he should leave because he thought if he left it would be safer for Anna and Ingrid. He woke up Anna in the middle of the night and told her he was leaving and asked if he should take Ingrid with him. Anna thought it wouldn't be the wisest choice so they decided he wouldn't. Before he left he got some smooth stones and bark pencils for Ingrid to draw with and went to have a talk with Josef about if he came back.

The Passing of Night

In this chapter Rudi heard a farmer shouting "we've won the war" Rudi ran over and asked him what he was talking about he said that the Reds have freed us. Then Rudi saw a few Nazis being held captive by a few ressintence soldiers and Rudi realized one of them was Oscar. He ran over to Oscar and catched up with him about different things. He asked if all the work camps were free he said most of them but they were more like death camps. He wondered if his father and Salek and there family was alive he started to go back to Warsaw to check if his dad was back.

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