We are finally at the End of 2016, and I hope it has been an amazing year for you. I hope you have achieved more than you had hoped to achieve this year, and I hope you will be taking a few weeks off, to Rest, Reflect and just have fun.

I personally thank God for this year, for everything I have learned and everything we achieved.


Mrs Awesome!

A recent Highlight in Khutjo's world, is that she and her team entered the 48 Hour Film Project a few weeks ago, and they came 2nd out of everyone that competed. She came home with a trophy and a renewed belief that she will achieve every award that she has fixed her mind to.

Pray with us for Oscars, for SAFTAS, and for constant growth in the field that God has placed her in.


As we are planning for next year, we have reconnected with the Mission church. This is a church specifically for the homeless, located in the Johannesburg CBD, next to the Gautrain.

The Mission Church

We were able to help with some clothes, food, prayer and encouragement to the homeless and the leaders there.

Next year we want to do a few things, and I would love to ask you to assist if you are able:

1. We want to host a bible study once or twice a week at the church

2. We want to help support them with basic assistance such as food, clothing, toiletries, etc.

3. We want to partner with organisations and individuals who can help to provide skills for employment and self sustainability, (particularly looking at jobs such as security guarding and entrepreneurship, etc., as these tend to be the quickest to acquire, and then build from there)

Please let me know if you are keen to volunteer or assist in any way, it would be much appreciated.

MUSIC - Releasing a CD in 2017

2017, here I come

Our music ministry is always such a joy for me. And the heart is always to make Great music that creates and opportunity to share the gospel.

In 2017 I should finally be releasing a music CD of my own!!!

We are still in studio, and working hard to put something together. So please do pray with me and I hope to have something to show you by March next year.


EN Braam Family Fun Day

We took some time recently to celebrate the year by having an outing to Kensington Park. We celebrated those who had served this year, we celebrated special moments, and most of all we celebrated the blessing of spiritual family.

So let me take this moment to also thank you so much for walking and being family to Khutjo and I, and let us pray together for 2017, for our families, our careers and all our dreams.

May God bless you and all that you do.

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