George Armstrong Custer By:glenn smith

George Armstrong Custer

Date Of Birth

George Armstrong Custer was born on December 5th, 1839, in the town of New Rumley Ohio.

About Custer's Childhood

At a young age Custer was sent to live with a half-sister and ended up spending a good portion of his child hood bouncing between living in Monroe Michigan, and New Rumley Ohio. After Custer finished high school he atteneded McNelly Normal school while working a number of odd jobs, and eventually got a teaching certificate. Then Custer decided he wanted to be more then a teacher, and decided to try to enroll at West Point military academy. while at west point Custer was a student who misbehaved and had to be frequently disciplined, and when he graduated he was last in his class.

Challenges He Faced In Life

George Armstrong Custer had to deal with the fact that he was bounced back and forth between two different homes most of his childhood. He was also had bad academic ability, as well as the fact that he was almost thrown out of the army if the civil war had not started and there was a large need for generals.

Important Things About Custer

Custer didn't know when to stop when he was given a job he did it no matter how dangerous it got he finished the job, but at the same time he was very self centered he wanted and loved to get all the credit for accomplishments he was part in, he even paraded two times after the war so that he could get more recognition.

How Custer Contributed To American History

He was the general of the Michigan Calvary Brigade in the Union army. He fought his battles until he was commanded by a higher officer commanded him to retreat or the enemy retreated.

Things I Admire About Custer

I admire the fact that he got the job done, that he was determined to get where he wanted to get in his life. I admire the fact that Custer always finished the job no matter how tough.

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