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March 2020

Newport Mesa Lodge No. 604

1401 E. 15th St., Newport Beach CA, 92663

Grand Master of Masons of California: Most Worshipful John E. Trauner
Inspector, 907th Masonic District: Craig Reade, PM
Bro. Charles Kelly

Happy March Brethren, the year is flying by and Spring is right around the corner. March makes me think of St Patrick's Day and stereotypes. I've picked up quite a few gems of knowledge in my 49 years thus far and many of those gems are short phrases like "there's a grain of truth in all stereotypes". I often use that phrase when discussing this subject with my students (I am a High School Teacher), I explain that there has to be a bit of truth in there, otherwise that "stereotype" simply would not exist. I use one many people are familiar with, "white people can't dance" then I go on to explain that if EVERY single white person in the history of the world had dance moves then that stereotype simply would not exist. I believe there is great value in developing critical thinking skills. The goal is to understand how a bit of truth can lead to the broad generalization of a stereotype, while at the same time understanding the vast limitations of that stereotype.

My last name is Kelly, when my ancestors first came here from Ireland it was actually O'Kelly. America has a long history of exhibiting prejudice and bias towards new immigrants by those who are already here (previous immigrants) and the Irish were no exception. Many stores would post signs saying "Irish need not apply", so my family like many others changed our last name in an attempt to blend in a little more and seem a little less Irish, hence O'Kelly became Kelly. Notre Dame are called "The Fighting Irish" and their Mascot is a Leprechaun in a fighting stance with fists up. So the Irish are clearly "known" to be "fighters and drinkers". Plenty of Irish immigrants enjoyed their beer and whiskey and plenty of them had no problem engaging in fisticuffs, however so did lots of other men from various ethnic backgrounds. I believe there is value in knowing and understanding where that stereotype comes from while at the same time being well aware of it's sever limitations when applied. I often joke that since the "Irish are Drinkers and Fighters" it is my obligation to support my cultural heritage, at least in part, so i am a beer drinker. The only fights I've been in in the last 28 years of my life where in a hockey game so that doesn't really count, however if you are ever looking for a brother to have a beer with, you can always count on this Irishman ;)

I'll leave you with one more of those little gems, "It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it".

Hope to see you all at March Stated where Gary is making corn beef and cabbage, and perhaps an Irish brother of yours will be bringing some beers :)

Sincerely & Fraternally Bro Charles Kelly

Wor. Gary Shumate, PM

Good morning, afternoon, and evening brothers and friends!

We are three months into the year, and I hope everyone is enjoying their time with the lodge and brethren. We still have a great many events coming up from fundraisers to community service, and just some good old fashion fun. And I hope I see everyone one of you at these events. Especially at stated meetings.

It’s only at these meetings that your voice is heard. It’s at these meetings that you get to decide what happens at your lodge. Don’t get me wrong. I truly love to cook delicious meals for you to enjoy. But it would make me so much happier to see everyone taking an active participation on how your lodge works, governs, acts, and presents itself to the community. You pay your dues and allow the Master and officers to represent you and your interests. Why not come and tell them/us how you would like to see, do, have, and feel when it comes to your lodge.

Ask yourself this: “Did I join to have other people make my decisions for me?” If you answer is “Yes”. Then I hope you will still join us at as many events as you can. If your answer is “No” then the next question is. “Why am I not going to our meetings?” And that’s a question you must answer for yourself. But whatever the answer is. I hope it results in you coming to your meeting.

Yes, you read that correctly. These are your meetings. Not just the Master or Officers. It’s your meeting too. So, don’t let another meeting go buy and let your voice not be heard.

March 4th is the next meeting. Food is served is 6 pm sharp, King Solomon’s meeting starts about 7 pm and then the business meeting takes place after. Don’t let a ride, food, or differing opinions stop you from attending.

See you at stated.

Gary Shumate PM

Junior Warden

Wor. Diego Verduzco, PM

Hello Brethren

We are quickly moving through the year. We will soon be a quarter of the way through it. I kindly ask that if you have not been able to get around to paying your dues, please do so. It’s a vital part of running your lodge. As of now all payments received, have had a dues card mailed to them. If you have paid but have NOT received your dues card please contact me. June is when we suspend members for non payment of two years. If your address or phone number has changed also please contact me and/or update it on Freemason.org.

Thank you

Diego Verduzco PM

March Event Highlights

  • Wednesday March 4th at 6pm: Stated Dinner
  • Wednesday March 4th at 7pm: King Solomon Meeting
  • Wednesday March 4th at 7:30pm: Stated Meeting
  • Saturday March 14th at 9am: Masonic Education

Please visit our online calendar below for the most complete and up to date information.

February degrees

February 26th: Bro. Ty Adnani was Passed to the Degree to Fellowcraft

Masonic Education

Birthdays this Month

  • 3/1 Stephen Hagerman
  • 3/1 Michael Thomas
  • 3/2 Glenn Norman
  • 3/3 Terry Bate
  • 3/5 Michael Levasseur
  • 3/5 Jesus Rodarte
  • 3/9 Jonathan Cruchley
  • 3/9 William Marriner Jr.
  • 3/13 Luis Perez
  • 3/14 Ian Linton
  • 3/16 Gary Kulp
  • 3/18 Gregory DePetro
  • 3/20 Dale Ekstrom
  • 3/20 Donald Mikami
  • 3/22 Robert Stenwall
  • 3/23 Charles Peck Jr. PM
  • 3/24 Daniel White, PM
  • 3/29 Hugo Zusho

March 3rd Degree Anniversaries

  • David Bates, 53 Years
  • Rene Ceniceros, 5 Years
  • Adam Clausen, 6 Years
  • Robert DiDomenico PM, 55 Years
  • Thomas Henderson, 27 Years
  • David Jamal, 26 Years
  • Ebrahim Khan Nakhjavani, 32 Years
  • Vincent Ko PM, 29 Years
  • Richard Martin, 53 Years
  • Michael Michalchik, 27 Years
  • Richard Mottar, 50 Years
  • Kenji Nishihara, 9 Years
  • Thomas Orr, 26 Years
  • Charles Peck Jr. PM, 8 Years
  • Robert Raciti, 29 Years
  • Robert Schmidt, 7 Years
  • Robbert Schuller, 56 Years
  • Aron Silzle PM, 16 Years
  • Jon Tubb, 49 Years
  • William Walsworth, 14 Years
  • Daniel White PM, 30 Years
  • Donald Wick, 42 Years
  • Hugo Zusho, 2 Years

Living Hiram Award Recipients

  • 1989 Rolf Anderson, PM
  • 1990 Dixon Webb Jr., PM
  • 1995 Jerry French, PM
  • 1999 William Housley, PM
  • 1999 Thomas Orr
  • 2001 Vincent Ko, PM (337)
  • 2007 Albert Jazwiecki
  • 2008 John Armstrong Jr.
  • 2009 Thomas Radtke
  • 2011 Lloyd Blanchard
  • 2012 Glenn Norman
  • 2013 James Barr Jr., PM
  • 2014 Kurt Handshuh, PM (693)
  • 2014 Luke Keith, PM
  • 2015 Charles Peck Jr., PM
  • 2018 Diego Verduzco, PM

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