Factory Farming phoebe langford

Factory Farming. One of the biggest problems humane society's alike have to face up to. The cruel mutilation of animals in factory farming is a sure sign it should be stopped.

A Reflection.

Thinking back on the task I feel I did pretty well! I feel the text I did well was my newspaper article. I think that the arguments I posed were convincing, felt factual and like an editorial. Also I don't think it felt like I was preaching. I think if I was to read an article in the newspaper I would expect someone to get to the point which I felt I did pretty decently.

If I was to do something again though I would definitely choose my visual text. I feel I got my point across and the Photoshop was good but I feel I could have spent more time on the text. It was a bit vague and I think if I had given myself more time to do it, it would be exceptional!

I believe I needed the most help with all of the associations involved in banning factory farming. Since this involved my Mum’s expertise, I asked her! There were so many and I didn’t know how to put them all into one small paragraph. Thanks to Mum I didn’t have a nervous-breakdown as well! (How amazing are Mums?)

The persuasive technique I learnt throughout this task was to write the facts in a wider perspective. I also thought that I used rhetorical questions a lot, and for a person who’s very direct, it’s practically unheard of! But the main persuasive technique I think I learnt about was writing about both sides of the argument. It gave a broader viewpoint and made it seem as though I wasn’t being biased.

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