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engaging with habits of mind, and improving as a student

The most important habits of mind to me, the ones I try the hardest to engage with daily, are persistence, curiosity, openness, and responsibility. I chose these because almost every day I try to be open in my interactions with others, persistent in my pursuit of knowledge in school, curious in my research and learning, and lastly I try to take responsibility for what I do, whether socially or academically.

The habits of mind improve creativity and writing sure, but these things are also so vital in science. Curiosity is what drives people to do research, to engage and learn, to do more than just memorize definitions to pass a test. Persistence and curiosity together are what allowed me to do well in my biology and chemistry classes this year. In college persistence is vital to grind through the never-ending assignments and test, the curiosity is what makes you want to persist. In biology, especially, a class where you must know so much more than definitions, having curiosity and being able to continue to try even when you think you surely will fail, is the only way to get through. Without persistence curiosity falls short, without curiosity persistence is aimless.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. -Walt Disney

Openness is so important in social interactions; it allows you to listen not just speak. Converse not argue. Understand and learn instead of clinging to one understanding. Science and medicine is always changing, and without openness you will be lost in a sea of outdated disproven hypothesis, clinging to a sinking ship. Openness also needs responsibility. Responsibility allows you to look back and understand that something you did is wrong, but also allows you to realize that the choices you make have consequences. Responsibility is also understanding that what you do affects other people. In being open you can see things from the perspective of the people around you, and understand that you should/shouldn’t do things just for the sake of human decency and for the sake of making something better for someone else. Responsibility and openness are prevalent in all fields, in society and in academia.

The habits of mind are used almost every day by plenty of people, the trick is knowing how to develop them and use them consciously and simultaneously.

my journey log journey

Like most people my first journey logs were not that impressive in the beginning of the year. I treated them like research essays as far as format, only adding one image. I did feel like in my early journey logs I was passionate about what I was talking about to a degree, and I found the purpose of the post through research. My best journey log as a ranger was one of my favorites that I did, I was proud that I added more aesthetics and I really enjoyed the topic.

After I switched to the warrior, I really feel like my journey logs lost some of their passion, and seemed to go in circles. My goal for my journey logs after switching specializations was to become more creative, and to engage with more personal narratives. I felt like the journey logs I did post specialization change really didn't have much substance, and I felt like sometimes they were grasping for straws...but maybe I am just hard on myself I'm not quite sure.

Personally I enjoy research, and also aesthetics, so I think I enjoyed the ranger the most. One thing that improved as I continued was definitely my ability to make the journey logs more attractive.

Minecraft? yay or nay

Personally I love games, even though I seem to be inherently terrible at them, so when I was told we were going to play games I was excited. When I was told we were going to be doing Minecraft...well that was a different story.

Yeah I'm Good on that thanks though.... -me at the beginning of the semester

My first impression of Minecraft was when I was probably in middle school, and I was baby sitting one of my moms friends children. To say this particular child was an absolute little shit is an understatement, so when one day he snobbishly showed me on of his Minecraft worlds to immediate response was hatred. He of course thought he was supremely intelligent for being able to figure out how to play it. But I mean who the fuck just wants to build block structures all day? Dumb ass.

When I was told that we would be doing Minecraft for assignments, I was apprehensive (mostly because I see that little shits face every time someone mentions it), but I decided that for the sake of my grades I should ignore my prejudice and give it a shot.

Hey that's not the worst ever, its almost enjoyable - me after trying Minecraft a few times

By the end of the year I found myself enjoying playing Minecraft, I liked the challenge of creating details with limited structures. I liked how deceptively intricate the game was, and also how you created your own guidelines for how you play. I made structure for class, but I also found that I was actually having fun doing them. Learning Minecraft took persistence and openness, just like every other thing you learn.

I fuck with it -me now


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