Our hometown is Bucaramanga, it is hot. However, Santa Marta is hotter than Bucaramanga. On the other hand, Bogota is the coldest city of Colombia.

Bucaramanga is famous for many dishes such as cabro, mute, tamale among others. The food in Bucaramanga is as delicious as the food in Bogota, because the food in Bogota is a lot of variety on local food like ajiaco and international food. In contrast, the food in Santa Marta is the tastiest because there is different kinds of fish.

In my opinion, people in Bucaramanga are more hardworking than people in Santa Marta. But, the people in Santa Marta are more friendly than the people in Bucaramanga, because they are the most cheerful. However, Bogota is the most active place in Colombia because it is the most industrial.

In Bucaramanga there are various tourist sites such as Santisimo Hill, Chicamocha National Park, among others. But, Bogota has more places to visit than Bucaramanga as the gold museum, Monserrate hill, botanic garden. However, Santa Marta is the place most chosen by tourists, because there are beautiful beaches and places.

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