Artwork of Quarantined Kids By Lydia Snapp

By junior Maya Moore. Moore said, "My dad gave the entire family a job to paint a flower so we could hang them up. I tried using as many colors as possible. Moore continued, "I chose a sunflower because they are big and give off positive energy."
EP Cover designed by freshman Tom Clark. “I’ve done a couple other ones, normally sports related.” Clark continued, “I think this is one of the best ones that I’ve made.”


Song written and produced by senior Henry Parwoth. “The songs about feeling loved by someone even if they aren't there, you can feel their presence if its really love, and you hope the other person feels the same way," Parwoth said describing the song.

By junior Lucas Figueroa. “I made them because I was bored,” said Figueroa. This was his first experience painting.

By senior Joe Meyers. “These pieces were part of our 10 piece series of work revolving around an idea. I was focusing on architecture and why it should be saved and not destroyed.” Meyers continued, “Most of these are deconstructions of architecture I’ve seen or lived in."

"Most of them I started before the pandemic and have been able to work on them at home and finish them for our portfolio deadline," Meyers added.

"I was lucky enough to have most of the supplies at home to finish them,” said Meyers.

Meyers used ink, watercolor, charcoal, and sometimes parchment paper for these pieces.

By senior Alicia Ortiz. “I guess it represents the future,” Alicia said, “Up the steps through the door is a whole other world that I get to experience life as an adult.”