Good Life Tour of The Harn John Yao

Me and a few of my friends spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful art on display the the Harn Museum. There is a total of 11 galleries which include paintings , drawings, ceramics, sculptures, and several other mediums.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

This untitled sculpture caught my eye when I first walked into the museum. A quick glance and the sculpture looks like metal beams connected in a unique way. But, what shocked me was the material the sculptor used. The sculpture was made out of white bronze. The intricate strokes on the beams are not visible in the picture but up close the way light bounces off the beams is truly unique. The unnatural shape is also very striking and caught my eye. I wonder how the beams had enough support to stay up even though the weight is distributed unevenly. This communicated how special the piece was and made me wonder how the sculptor accomplished this feat. This artwork really made me think about how this piece was created.

Design of the Museum:

This section of the museum was my favorite, each painting was evenly spaced. Not only were the paintings themselves aesthetic but the layout of the paintings showed how each painting was similar as beautiful seaside landscapes. It reminds of a trip to Italy I took one summer with my family. Each painting in this section was similar but had its own unique style. For example, the painting on the far left used darker shades of the same colors. The white wall helped the colors in the paintings pop and the wood frames of the painting gave it a classical feel. Overall this section of the museum, made me appreciate the beauty of the world and reminisce an amazing trip I had in Italy.

Art and Core Values

This piece of art resonated with me because I immediately thought of family. I am of asian descent and this picture looked like an asian family to me. Family is the most important core value to me, and it instilled love in me. Love and family are one in the same, and you can see in the painting the how the family cares for the young ones by carrying them. The visual representation of a family, venturing together with the bigger ones taking care of the younger ones helps me appreciate the core value of family. My parents used to carry me around everywhere when I was tired, it may have been difficult for them when I got heavier but the strong in the family always look out for those who are not strong enough yet. This piece helps me understand how family means looking out for one another.

Art and the Good Life:

The theme that this painting invokes in me is the social aspect of my life. In the future after I graduate I want to live in a big city and this painting represents the beauty of a city. In a big city theres always something to do, theres something new on each corner. The good life to me is experiencing as much as I can while I am on this earth. Experiencing something new in a beautiful big city is something I really look forward to. Having so many different diverse people in a city would give me the opportunity to meet and share experiences with as many different types of people as I can. Through this I am able to become more open minded and accepting of others. In addition to that this painting represents the beauty of a city at night, the bright lights and sheer amount of people in a concentrated area is exhilarating to me.

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