RHODUNA® PT When resisting simply doesn’t make sense.

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Demand for majestic white rhodium jewellery remains strong, especially on the Asian market. More and more producers are jumping on the bandwagon to get their slice of the pie - the market has become a shark tank. Similar products lead to price wars amid competitors, while the price for rhodium has risen relentlessly over the last few years. Margins are becoming almost pointless for more and more producers.

The well-known flipside of trend products: the competition is always growing and your own product may get lost in the crowd without a special feature.

Rhodium creates a brilliant white surface on decorative products. Platinum has enjoyed an incredibly stable price for a number of years, and its name is desirable for all buyer groups.

Imagine an alloy that combines the benefits of both precious metals.

Standing out from the crowd is the only option. RHODUNA® PT lets you do just that with an innovative surface finish made from equal parts of rhodium and platinum. You are still able to offer a high-quality brilliant white surface to the same glossy standard for decorative applications - made economically viable because of the following two reasons. On one hand, the addition of platinum makes the product considerably more attractive to customers, which leads to a higher price acceptance. On the other, halving the rhodium content in the alloy minimises your purchasing costs.

More individuality, more glamour.

RHODUNA® PT is the answer to the needs of many jewellery makers. This cost-effective alternative to pure rhodium electrolytes with the unique ‘platinum’ selling point could give you a competitive edge. Offer your end customers more glamour and more individuality with a flawless RHODUNA® PT finish.

The addition of platinum is especially attractive - for producers and consumers alike

Market research has actually shown that platinum enjoys an undiminished high profile among end consumers. Even despite its loss of value over the years. Platinum still stands for premium in many circles (not just in credit card jargon and the music industry), and remains very popular especially in the jewellery industry. So your decorative product - with a brilliant white finish that is unusual for platinum - increases in value in the minds of end consumers.

Hardly distinguishable from a pure rhodium finish

In theory, there’s no way that an alloy made from equal parts of white rhodium and grey platinum can boast the same brilliant white as pure rhodium. Through the targeted development of electrolytes, we have achieved a ΔE value of just 0.69 compared to pure rhodium electrolytes.

This is impressive when you consider that any difference in colour that has a ΔE value less than 1 cannot be seen by the naked eye in most circumstances.

Savings of 15% and more are realistic

RHODUNA® PT is designed to establish price acceptance, which is achieved by increasing the alloy’s attractiveness. However, the specially developed electrolyte is also lucrative thanks to its low rhodium content.

You can expect savings of at least 15% compared to pure rhodium electrolytes, as the constantly increasing price of rhodium will continue to push up your saving (the price of rhodium has risen by almost 350% in just two years).

Almost optically identical - the difference is in the detail

The layer properties and attributes of the electrolyte in production are comparable to those of previous products in the high-end RHODUNA® family:

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Even, crack-free layers
  • Minor porosity and good throwing power
  • Good coverage speed
  • Wide current density range

Advice and technical support from the start

Our sales team’s broad electroplating background will put you at an advantage, especially when it comes to introducing new electrolytes. In the initial phase, we offer comprehensive, no-obligation advice. Together, we’ll establish your financial parameters. We’ll also be happy to clarify any specific details about your electroplating process. So you’ll have all the information you need to make the right decision for or against RHODUNA® PT. We’ll still be on hand after the successful installation of the electrolyte - and offer on-site visits worldwide.

When resisting simply doesn’t make sense for you, too: More information can be obtained from our experts at the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (14th - 18th Sep. 2018) in Hall 5, Booth 5F433 or directly from our sales team:

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Manager Sales International

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E-Mail: markus.legeler@eu.umicore.com

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