Room By Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue was born October 24th 1969 in Dublin Ireland. she went to Girton College in cambridge and earned her PhD in english she later went on to write novels, plays, and short stories.

date of publlication- September 13th, 2010

Plot Summary

The setting of the story is a room where Ma and Jack are held against their will by Ma's captor Old Nick. Old nick abducted Ma when she was nineteen and kept her there for seven years. Old nick is the father of Jack and shortly after Jack's Fifth birthday Ma comes up with a plan to escape. She pretends Jack gets deathly ill and asks Old Nick to take jack to a hospital. when he refuses she fakes his death. Old nick puts Jack in the bed of his truck to dispose of the body and when the truck slows down jack runs finds help. The police find him and he helps them to rescue his mother. Once they are both safe they were sent to a mental hospital to recover. Throughout the rest of the book Ma and Jack struggle with getting use to the outside world and trying new things.

I dislike the fact that it was written in Jacks point of view so it was slightly difficult to follow.

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