Bluetick Coonhound The friendly hunters

This video is of a cute little puppy doing simple tricks.

The Blue tick coon hound is an intelligent, good looking, playful, loving dog. He will win you over with his goofy personality.

The coonhound just treed an animal and is using its loud bark to keep it in the tree.

Not only are Blueticks great hunting dogs, they are also great house dogs. They can adapt to where their living quarters are as long as they are able to get a lot of exercise daily.

The Buetick coonhound has a thickly mottled dark blue coat with black spots on the back, ears, and sides. On the cheeks and above the eyes they have tan markings, and dark red ticking on the chest, beneath the tail, on the feet, and lower legs. Shoulder to shoulder the average Bluetick is 21 to 27 inches and weighs up to 45 to 80 pound. They only live 12 to 14 years.

This video shows how to train your bluetick coonhound.

Vet says that a Bluetick his not the easiest dog to train and recommends to start training the day you bring it home. He is able to soak up everything you can teach him at as young as eight weeks.

The blue tick has a goofy personality and is a great family dog. Most are friendly with other dogs.

According to Bluetick coonhounds are generally healthy. Few have been diagnosed with lysosomal storage disease and hip dyspepsia.

Top left picture is arubber curry brush. Top right is a hound mitt brush. bottom is a bluetick coonhound

Bluetick grooming is pretty basic. With a rubber curry or hound mitt brush your coon hound weekly to keep its coat shiny and clean and bathe them as needed.

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