Gamers Day On May 25th

My National Day is called Gamers Day. It would be on May 25th because it's in the spring and everyone can get out the house so they can have fun

This is an event for a console called the PlayStation
I think we should celebrate this day because it is a day for fun. It would give you people to socialize with and just have fun like you see in the picture.
People at an event called MineCon

In this day there would be places you can go to play games. You can go to a Game Center, which is free, were you just go and have fun with a lot of people. If you don't want to go there, games would be 50% off.

The main point of my day is to just get out of your house and have fun. You wouldn't have to worry about money because it's free if you go to a center.

This idea started in my head on my birthday one year. Me and my friend Matt had so much fun talking and playing games. We laughed so much and I want everybody to have that same fun when playing games with people.

There would be competitions in the game centers and if you win you would get a 150 dollar gift card to GameStop. There would be all kinds of games there. There would be VR systems (Virtual Reality), Computers, PlayStations, Xbox One, and many more.

10. Games can actually help you see better.

9. 59% of Americans play games.

8. 48% of gamers in America is actually women.

7. 31 is the average age for gamers.

6. 72 billion dollars have been spent on video games.

5. 13 years is the average amount of people playing games in their lives.

4. 62% of gamers play with other people

3. There is more digital games than physical games.

2. Video games are good for your health.

1. Video games are the top sellers in the market.

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