5 REASONS TO WATCH 13 REASONS WHY if you're trying to find a reason to watch the netflix original series 13 reasons why, look no further.

13 Reasons Why is definitely worth a watch. This original Netflix series was written and produced by Brian Yorkey, and is based off of the novel, 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher.

The show covers topics that are often opposed by mainstream media, and general society, such as mental health issues and suicide, things that teens face everyday.

The series follows the painful high school experience of a young girl named Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford, and what lead her to commit suicide.

Throughout the 13 episodes, we follow character Clay Jensen, played by Dylan Minnette, as he listens to the tapes that Hannah has left behind exposing the people who she deems responsible for her death.

There are so many redeeming qualities that this show has to offer. The passion, truth, and messages shown by each character, makes for a refreshingly honest story that todays society is missing.



High school can be a difficult time for some teenagers. There are so many things happening behind the scenes that adults and peers do not see. Every person is different. Everyone has their own story. And everyone struggles differently.

According to HealthyChild.org, suicide is the leading cause of death amongst young adults ages 15-24 in America. Healthy Child also states that 90% of teens who commit suicide suffer from mental health disorder.

Hannah Baker, one of many characters who suffer from mental health issues on this show, is relatable to a wide audience. She has faced many different obstacles such as being bullied, being sexually assaulted, and being neglected. These are three things that sadly, teenagers come to face regularly.

This show does an excellent job portraying viewpoints from every angle. There is the new girl, who is trying to fit in, but ends up having her name defaced before she has the chance to show her true colours, there's the jock that is being manipulated by his friends in order to be popular, people who suffer from substance abuse, people who struggle with their sexuality, people who are bullied, people who are bullies, and people who suffer depression.

Selena Gomez, executive producer of 13 Reasons Why, says that there are a lot of girls who can relate to Hannah.

This show covers such a wide range of experiences. It really allows for you to understand things that you maybe did not see or that you lived firsthand. It touches us all because we can watch it and say, "I know how she/he feels", "I know what thats like". It hashes up raw emotion, but also makes you want more.


This show brings light to topics that are often swept under the rug. According to the Daily Mail, more than half of parents in England do not talk to their children about mental health.

13 Reasons Why shows adults of all ages what happens in high schools all over the world. Statistics Canada states that 31% of Canadians aged 15-29 were cyberbullied or cyberstalked in the year 2014.

Millenial parents have a hard time understanding the stresses in their children's lives. This show does not hold back on the very realistic things that are said and done in high schools; people being taken advantage of, bullying/cyberbullying, peer pressure, depression/anxiety. The show paints a realistic and graphic picture of what really happens, and also how things such as suicide can be prevented.

It is good to bring awareness on behalf of the people that suffer mental illness, but to also help those who do not understand what its like to think from a place of suffering.


The narration in this series is very cleaver. It forces you to put on Clay Jensen's headphones and hear what Hannah is telling him. It forces you to sit through the uncomfortable scenes, and really see the impact of someone who has been neglected.

The topic of mental health needs to be discussed. It needs to be heard. And by putting the headphones in when Clay does and jumping back into reality when you have to pause the show, it really makes you think about your own life.

After an episode you wonder about your friends and family, even strangers. You truly don't know what's going on in someone's mind. After watching 13 Reasons Why, you wonder if you've made these same mistakes that someone on the show has.

The visuals and narration are so well put together, that the show makes its way into reality, just as it does for Clay.

I strongly recommend for someone who does not believe in mental health to watch this entire show, really watch it, and see where their opinion stands afterwords.


Everywhere I go, this show is the topic of discussion. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the words, "13 Reasons Why", when out in public. It has not only infused itself into my life, but the lives of those around me.

It is difficult to watch this show and not feel everything that the characters feel. It is also difficult to not discuss every moment with someone else.

Whether it's positive feedback or negative, the show is fulfilling its intention; to raise awareness and get people talking.

On Instagram alone, there are 407,113 posts using the hashtag #13ReasonsWhy. Here are some of the posts made across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:


The actors/actress' in this show wear their passion for the characters they play on their sleeve. Not only do they show this in the episodes, but they explain their correlation in 13 Reasons Why - Beyond the Reasons.

To be able to portray characters fully to their justice, the actors/actress' needed to live the experience either through memory or by hearing someone who has suffered tell their story.

Nothing can prepare you to act like you know what these experiences feel like if you haven't felt them yourself. When you watch 13 Reasons Why, the raw emotion is there and you can feel the actor/actress' investment. For a topic like this, that is critical.

Just watch 13 Reasons...

Rightfully so, 13 Reasons Why is buzzing. Hannah's story has people talking about mental health issues that are commonly overlooked.

If you are already looking for reasons to watch this show, then you should be watching it. As it holds a message for every viewer.

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