124 Jordan Bricknell

"Shivering, Denver approached the house, regarding it, as she always did, as a person rather than a structure" (35).

For most people, a home is merely a structure. It is a place to eat, sleep, and live, a place to meet with family and friends, a place to store all of their belongings. It is a physical construction that serves these purposes.
In Beloved, the home, called 124, is a person. It has actions, it is active, it has a rich and emotional past. It influences the lives of those who live in it more than by just serving as a physical space. It has its own story, and thus it is a character.
Eyes are a way to learn about the surrounding world. Sight provides the most sensory information, so without it the world would be a much different, more isolating place.


Looking in

Denver looked

"She saw her mother on her knees in prayer,"

"Silhouetted in the lamplight."

Stamp Paid looked

He found "two backs curled away from him."

Looking out

Sethe looked

"She scanned the fields every morning and every evening for her boys."

She "can look at things again because she's here to see them too."

She wanted to know "what the sun is doing to the day."

Beloved looked

Sethe is "licked, tasted, eaten, by Beloved's eyes."

They all "suddenly had view"

A window to the world. A window to their lives.


The mouth is a way to communicate. It provides insight into who someone is, and it is a method to share one's life and thoughts with others.


Open to the world

Open for the world

"124 was busy as a way station"

But then

"Nobody, but nobody visited that house."

Stamp Paid tried.

He hesitated.

"It did not fly open in his presence."

The mouth was shut


"Together they stood in the doorway."

"What a roaring."

Open again.


The heart is the center of emotion. It can grow, break, and repair. It can take control of a person's actions.



"There was no room for any other thing or body."

It was full of life and

"Full of a baby's venom."

A red light.

"124 was spiteful."

"It's not evil, just sad."

Always "shifting" on its own.

Paul D tried to change it, but instead was

"wrecking everything."

He too, left.

They lived in a careful balance,

trying to love and not get hurt.


124, the number, the house

  1. Howard - the child who left, frightened by handprints in a cake
  2. Buglar - the child who left, frightened by a shattered mirror
  3. Beloved - the child she killed, missing from her life and the sequence of numbers
  4. Denver - the child who remains, loving and loyal

It may seem like a mere collection of numbers, but 124 is Sethe's life. The house has become a part of Sethe; it feels the pains of her loss, and the joys of her reunions. It is her connection to her family and community, past and present. It shares her history, and many secrets are trapped inside it just like they are trapped inside her. It belongs to her, just as it belongs to everyone who has ever lived in it before.


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