Walker Hounds By Anna Bea Koenig

History of the dogs: They were bred from John W. Walker and George Washington Maupin. They were used for raccoon hunting and were recognized by the UKC as a English coonhound breed.

These are dogs that have an amazing talent of hunting, and can jump and run, all to get the prey.

Characteristics: Walker hounds weigh from 35 to 55 pounds. These dogs have long hanging ears. They consist of three colors black, brown, and white. Coonhounds are very kind, but they will go all out for hunting.


They have a very powerful nose for scenting the tracks. (primarily for raccoons, bobcats, cougars, and bears.) They are very fast, and sometimes can be used for catching deer because of their speed. Walkers are the dogs that are mostly chosen for competitions.

Walker hounds are very smart and brave. They can live for 10 to 13 years. They were recognized by the AKC. They cost between 300 and 500 dollars.

This video shows you how to train your hound. It also shows how incredible they are.

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