ComputersBy Allyson Madison Jeremiah Zain Cameron Matthew By,Allyson,Zain,Jeremiah,Matthew,Cameron,Madison

Hey Guys,Its us Madison,Allyson,Cameron,Zain,Jeremiah,Matthew and today we are going to tell you about Computers....

This is what the first computer look like black and big and no mouse
This is who invented computers William Oughtred....
Germany is where the first computer was invented.....
So computers are only black when they were invented.
This is how much computers were when they were invented $1000 dollars

This is what the first computer was called Electronic Numerical Integrator....

This is why a computer was invented because it was considered as the father of the computer and for Polly Math.

1st one is in the early electronic computers were developed around the 1940s.

2nd one is in 1883 ,Charles Babbage invented all the parts a modern computer uses.

3rd one is computers changed every-bodieslives.

4th one is there are more than 5000 new computer viruses are released every month

These are our questions What did the first computer look like?

What was the first computer called?

Who invented computers?

Why was it invented?

Where was the first computer invented?

Back then were computer only black?

How much were computers when they were invented?

So that was all about computers from Allyson,Madison,Matthew Jeremiah Zain,Cameron bye for now ....

The first computer construction started in 1943 and was not done till 1946 wow that is amazing !!!!!And it was occupied about 1,800 square feet and used about 18,000 vacum tubes,wieghing almost 50 tons.And Charles Babbage discovered the computer.

So that is all for now By Allyson Madison Jeremiah Zain Cameron Matthew and have a good a day.


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