MISSISSIPPI deer run up to 40 Miles per hour and jumps 9 feet.
In 1944, the Mocking Bird was established as Mississippi's state bird and sings uo to 200 of song.
This is Mississippi state flower .Most Magnoila are valued for their show leaves striking fruit.
This is Mississippi state Honey bee over the ball weevil and fire ant.

Adoptedin 1894.Mississippi state motto.Virtute.Ed.Armis mmeaning by valor and arms may have been suggested by the motto.

The Nick Name honors the state beauty of the Magnolia of Mississippi.

This Mississippi state song Jim Weatherly a star a quarter back for the only Miss Rebels in the 1960 befor going on to enjoy an award - winning career.


Mississippi designated Petrifed wood as the offical state stone in 1976.


A well know facts about Jakson is that it is the state capital and the largets city i Mississippi.

The weather over suning and cool.
One of the bigs building in Mississippi.
This is Mississippi FootBall team Bulldogs.
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