Good life Nature Activivty FLMNH

The lobby of the FLMNH

After visiting the art museum, I came to the Nature museum which is next to it. Since both of two museums are opened for public, there were so many visitor on Tuesday. The Nature museum is also good for children to study. Therefore, there were many parents there with their children. After signed in, I started my tour and went to the butterflies exhibition.

Since it was too cold that day, I basically did not see any butterfly. The staff said the butterflies will not appear unless the sun comes out. I have waited for a while and it was a cloudy day, so I left and took some picture of the butterflies specimen and the lab that people working at. According to the decoration and the design of the area that the butterflies live at, I can see that people were trying so hard to make a suitable place for butterflies. There were designed as a forest, plants, river, and mountain are included. This can show the harmony of nature and human being.

These pictures are the fossils and the native people of Florida. The theme is the emerging of lives. In here, we can see the fossils of dinosaurs, birds and some mammals. We were all evoluted from a single cell. We should be thankful because of the greatness of nature. Also, from the picture of the native people of Florida, we can see that they are doing something like ceremony, but most likely about nature because of the sacrifices. People should not use animals as sacrifices. However, there should be a process of civilization, it is still a long way to go between human and nature.

The last part is the frog exhibition. I want to put this part as the picture of nature and human spirit because not everyone knows frogs are friends of human being. Most of farmers like to put a small amount of frogs in the farm because frogs can kill pests for us. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful picture I can imagine. People are getting along with nature, we can help animals to make their habitats. On the other hand, animals can protect our crops and products. There should not be only one way to be with nature, conquer and be conquered. We all understood that we are so weak and small. Harmony with nature is advisable way of life.

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