Why NutriCare as a supplier Unique products in the optifer® series

The NutriCare Division in Swedish company MediTec Group has experience for over 20 years with heme iron supplements.

The company understands the product, the therapy, the market and its needs.

NutriCare/MediTec has a focus on fair life regardless of location, sex, race or creed.

Iron deficiency is truly international

Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world. As well as affecting a large number of children and women in developing countries, it is the only nutrient deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in industrialized countries.

In developing countries every second pregnant woman and about 40% of preschool children are estimated to be anaemic.

In many countries, iron deficiency anaemia is aggravated by worm infections, malaria and other infectious diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis.

The major health consequences include poor pregnancy outcome, impaired physical and cognitive development, increased risk of morbidity in children and reduced work productivity in adults. Anaemia contributes to 20% of all maternal deaths.

The problems experienced by people with iron deficiency all over the world are very much the same

When it comes to low iron values in practice, the same issues and patients come up time and time again.

Not getting enough iron in the diet or losing too much due to a disease over time invariably leads to depletion and ultimately to anemia, which is a life-threatening situation.

Iron deficiency affects more people than any other condition, constituting a public health condition of epidemic proportions. More subtle in its manifestations than, for example, protein-energy malnutrition, iron deficiency exacts its heaviest overall toll in terms of ill-health, premature death and lost earnings.

Heme iron is the natural form for man

There are only two kinds of palatable iron that we can use; heme iron from meat, poultry or fish and non-heme iron from vegetables, dairy products or chemically bonded iron in regular supplements.

Heme iron is taken up along the whole gastrointestinal tract, not only the first part and, unlike non-heme iron, absorption is not affected by other chelating components of the diet such as phytates, tannates and phosphate.

Non-heme iron is taken up at a lesser degree, leaving toxic and reactive free iron ions in the stomach that may cause disturbancies and are potentially carcinogenous.

The mechanism of uptake for heme iron does not leave free iron ions in the gut. Hemoglobin iron not taken up is completely inert

We believe the answer to iron deficiency is a unique form of supplementation containing heme iron.

Heme iron will always be absorbed - in all clinical situations.

Unlike non-heme iron, absorption of heme iron is not affected by other chelating components of the diet such as phytates, tannates and phosphate.

Heme iron is absorbed from the beginning of the intestine, which means it will work also for patients, who have had gut surgery.

Unlike non-heme iron, absorption is not affected by other components of the diet, drink or medication.

Hemoglobin in the diet containing heme iron is taken up via a separate non-competitive mechanism and will disintegrate only within the intestinal cell before iron is being transported to where it's needed.

OptiFer® are unique heme iron supplements

In studies the incidence of side-effects with heme iron products is at placebo level. The uptake and tolerance of heme iron will not change even over a longer time period.

This is good news for the chronics, since non-heme iron will usually give problems with uptake sooner or later, which means another form of therapy must be considered.

Swedish company MediTec Group AB in its Division NutriCare has a strong commitment to reach people that are suffering from iron deficiency and have problems with existing supplements. Iron deficiency is easily corrected using products from the OptiFer® series

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