Number the stars By: samanta orozco

Chapter one: this chapter was mainly about three little girls Annemarie, Ellen, and Kristi. Ellen and Annemarie were practicing racing for their big race at their race. Kristi was with them both and Ellen and Annemarie had stop because their were two soldiers that were standing there on the end of the corner. They finally went home and kristi told there mom everything that happened. They would have to walk a different way to school.

Chapter two: Annemarie and Kristi were falling asleep and Kristi want Annemarie to tell her a story. They're dad had told Annemarie that there is a king in Copenhagen. Kristi asked questions of why he doesn't tell the soldiers to leave the Jews alone. Annemarie told Kristi that she didn't really know why he doesn't do that. Annemarie kept telling the story and Kristi fell asleep. Then Annemarie feel asleep.

Chapter three: as Kristi and Annemarie got up to go to school their mother saw that Kristi had only half of a button on her jacket. Mrs. hirsh lost her shop and wasn't allowed to open it up until the war was over and they were forced to close it because they were Jews. Kristi and Annemarie's family are worried for her best friend Ellen and her family because they are Jews to. Peter visited and brought Kristi and Annemarie seashells

Chapter four: Ellen and her family are to be separate because the soldiers took name of all of the Jews. Ellen is going to sleep with Annemarie and Kristi for the night and her parents go with peter to spend the night for him to.

Chapter five: Ellen slept with Annemarie and they talked about how Annemarie's sister had died. Once they had fell asleep, hours later there was a knock on the door. There were three soldiers. They searched the house and had Annemarie and Ellen wake up but before that Ellen took off her necklace it was a Star of David. They walked out the bedroom and the soldier had notice that one of them was dark haired. Annemarie's papa teared out three pictures of all of her sisters and saw that Lise had dark hair.

Chapter six: Annemarie and Ellen and Kristi and mama went to uncle Hendricks house and papa was to stay at the apartment. They headed off to his house and mama called them to eat for breakfast. As they went to visit uncle henrick they were surprised that soldiers didn't catch them with Ellen in the car.

Chapter seven: when Annemarie and Ellen woke up they ran to the dock and looked at a land and it was Sweden. Once they were finished they heard mama's voice and ran inside. Mama had picked many apples to make applesauce and uncle Hendrick got fish. Annemarie told mama where she toke Ellen and mama got scared that a soldier might have seen one of them.

Chapter eight: Annemarie woke up and saw Kristi playing around with the gray kitten and named him Thor. Annemarie's mom had cleaned the house and made oatmeal with cream. Uncle henrick had saved some butter for them. Once uncle henrick came home he told mama that great aunt Birte had passed away. That's when Annemarie thought that she had nevered heard the name great aunt birte before so she thinks that they might be lying.

Chapter nine: this is mainly about Ellen reuniting to see her parents at uncle henrick' house. Annemarie had figured out that there was no great aunt birte at all. Ellen saw her parents because peter had drove them all the way to uncle Henricks house. All of the people that came to uncle henricks house for the funeral were still there when peter came.

Chapter ten: Annemarie's mom heard car doors slammed and then the soldiers had come. The soldiers asked to Annemarie's mama who had died. Annemarie's mom told the soldiers that her aunt had died. One of the soldiers told Annemarie's mom to open it and she told him that she had died of a disease and she told him that the doctor told her to keep it closed. So that way the germs won't spread.

Chapter eleven: Once it was dark peter had told Annemarie's mom that he will take a group and Annemarie's mom will take the other. Peter had said to not leave the house after 20 mins. Her mom had Ellen Annemarie and the rosens. Peter had them wear old clothes and pack apples cheese and other food from henricks farm.

Chapter twelve: The rosesns had left with Annemarie's mom to lead them threw the dark night to the boat. Annemarie had waited for her mom to come. She had fell asleep and then she woke up and saw a small figure laying on the floor and she relized that it was her mom.

Chapter thirteen: Annemarie ran as fast as she could to her mom. Her mom told her the adventures she took to take them. She had broken her ankle because she tripped on a root. Annemarie helped her get up and take her to the house. Her mom will call the doctor later. Her mom looked down on the floor and walked saw the packet that peter gave mr rosen. Her mom told her to get a basket and some cheese and an apple and Annemarie added some bread. Her mom told her to run as fast as she could to the dock to give it to uncle henrick.

Chapter fourteen:Annemarie ran through the woods to get to the docks. Annemarie had taken stops to remember the story she told to Kristi about little red riding hood. She remembered that Kristi would always interrupt the story to make it more interesting and last longer. Annemarie heard a growl in the woods and kept walking there were more growls and in front she was soldiers and two large dogs with them.

Alan waz (-x-)

Chapter fifteen: The two soldiers and dogs asked Annemarie that was she doing out in the day. Annemarie thought of what her mom had told her. So Annemarie thought of what Kristi would say to every question they had. One of the soldiers looked through the bushes to make sure she was alone. The soldier looked through the basket and told Annemarie what was inside and she told him that she had bread,cheese,and an apple. Both of the dogs smell meat in the basket so the soldier took out the bread and ripped it to pieces and gave it to the dogs. The soldiers let her pass and Annemarie saw uncle henrick and told him everything that had happened.

Chapter sixteen: Uncle henrick had Annemarie walk outside. Annemarie had so many questions to ask him. The only thing he told her was that the Rosens are safe they were underneath the boat.

Chapter seventeen: uncle henrick told her that the war would end. It was true. Two years later the war had ended.annemaries parents told her the truth of what had happened to Lise. Lise had died because she was to part of the resistance. Peter had been captured and executed by the Germans in the public square at Ryvangen, in Copenhagen. Annemarie looked through the chest that had Lise's stuff. Lise was ran over by a military car. When peter was killed they buried him underneath the ground in public square. The bodies that the Germans had killed were numbered.


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