The Lost Princess By anA flinton

It was Spring time near the outskirts of England. The flowers were blooming, the cool breeze was traveling from house to house, and the smell of the fresh dew on the grass filled the air as the kids ran home after school.

Amanda and Julie were best friends that just happened to be neighbors. They did everything together. Julie was Amanda's best friend in the whole wide world. They spent every minute of everyday together. When they were little kids they would play in their backyards every day after school.

One time when Amanda was about six years old, they were at the park on the slide and Julie fell down and one boy and his friends kicked sand on her. That was when their friendship began. Amanda helped her up and were best friends ever since. She didn't care that she was speckled with dirt and that her blonde hair was dotted with mud, because they were destined to be friends since they were born.

Together they were unstoppable. If they were together, no one could separate them and no one would even try to get between them. They were stuck together like glue. But today Amanda couldn't have any friends over because she had to talk to her mom. It had to be serious otherwise she wouldn't have texted her.

“Hey Mom I'm home! How come there's a weird car parked out front? And why do we need to talk? Am I in trouble?” Amanda questioned nervously.

“Haha no you're not. That's what we need to talk to you about. The car parked in front. The man in the car thinks...well he thinks you're the lost princess.” Her mom said doubtingly.

“Oh suuure Mom. Yeah. I'm totally the lost princess.” Amanda said sarcastically. “Are you serious? I can't even walk two feet in high heels without falling at least three times. But seriously. What’s that car doing there?”

“Just please talk with him and answer some questions. Please.” Amanda rolled her eyes. “He says if you do this he'll leave.”

“Ok fine.” Amanda whined. She walked into the dining room where the man was waiting.

As she walked into the room the man stood up and said, “It is an honor to meet you Amanda. Please sit down.” She did as he said and before she got the chance to talk, he was like a parrot that wouldn't stop talking. “You are adopted is that right?” She nodded. “And you don't know who your birth parents are correct?” She nodded again. “Ok. So we have suspicions that you are the lost princess. Let me explain. The queen had a baby but she gave her up for adoption before she got married to the king, but that still means you have royal blood. You were not that baby. That was your mother. We tried to find her but unfortunately she has passed away. You are the daughter of the lost princess. We have done all of the tests and we are 100% sure you're related to the queen. Would you like to go to the castle? You could move in there with your grandmother.” Amanda was astonished and was filled with confusion and excitement.

“But I'd have to leave my family here.” She said in a whisper like tone.

“Not necessarily. They could come with us and you and your siblings can all get private tutors instead of going to school. Unless you want to go to school with other kids.” The man explained. “Your mother can come in now. It would probably be better to discuss this together.”

“Mom you can come now,” Amanda called from the dining room. She nervously shook her leg from all of the jitters she was getting.

She walked in the room nervously. “Hello again. I overheard the plans about moving in from the other room. I think it's a great idea. But we need to discuss with everyone.”

“Ok then. You have my contact information so call me when you make your decision. I have to go. Good day.” The man got up and left. Right after, Amanda's mom called a family meeting and after numerous discussions, they had finally decided to move into the castle.

After many many weeks of endless stress, they were finally living in the castle, and quite comfortably too. Amanda wandered around the vast castle and started to explore everything. Wow. This place is so cool. Is this my bedroom?! I HAVE to tell Julie about this. She crept through the doorway and started to look through everything in the boxes. After confirming it was her room, she plopped down on the bed and started to text Julie pictures of the gigantic bedroom.

A couple minutes later, she responded, “Wow that's really cool.” Oh. I thought she would be happier.

So she replied with, “U ok? I thought you'd be more excited.”

A couple seconds later came another reply. “I am. It's just that you've been sending me so many pictures of the castle.”


“Soo it's getting kind of annoying. At first you were excited, but now you're overdoing it.”

Amanda was filled with anger, so much that she could have smoke coming out of her ears. It was like a boiling pot of water, just waiting to overflow. Then it did and Amanda responded with a cold, “R u serious right now? I'm a princess. I thought you would be happy for me.”

“What has happened to you? All of a sudden you go from my best friend to a stuck up princess. And that's exactly what you are.” Amanda lay on her new king size bed on silk sheets holding back tears. But suddenly it occurred to her. I don't need her. I'm a princess. I can have anything I want. Who cares what she thinks? I don't care that she doesn't like me anymore. But secretly, deep down inside she did. She knew nothing could be the same without the one person who's been by her side her entire life. She had to change. She would rather die than not be friends with Julie. All because she was mean to her best friend and was too stuck up to admit it. I can't believe I just did that. What am I going to do now? And she kept trying to change but every minute passing meant more stuff and more things to brag about and feel good about. It was a lose lose situation. She really did want to change, but she kept getting pulled into an endless cycle of more things, and feeling good then bad, and all over again. She couldn't ever win.

But one day she mustered up the courage to finally text her back a simple apology. “Hi. It's been awhile since we last talked. Sorry this is so late, but I really am sorry.” There was no answer. She waited. And waited. And waited for Julie to say something. Finally the tiny little grey bubble of relief popped up and Amanda too, popped up from her seat and waited anxiously for what was coming. The answer was nothing. It disappeared as fast as it appeared. She slouched back in her chair, quietly crying in the corner. But it was back. And then there was a text.

It read, “It's ok.” Just those two words meant the world to Amanda. It was like a volcano erupting with joy or a waterfall flowing with relief. She didn't need any of the stuff she got as long as she had Julie by her side. Because together, they were unstoppable.

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