Madoff Questions Samantha waller

  1. How does a Ponzi scheme work? A: the operator would pay back the old investors that invested in them and then they would use the new investors money to pay them back with a 10% rate then they would do all over again with new investors

how do you think Madoff was able to keep his scheme going for so long(why did they not catch on? He was paying his old investor 10 percent of the money his new investor was giving him

3)what type of person is a "Ponzi Person"? there usually funny,caring, and are there for you like Madoff he went to one his clients wife's funeral

why do you think the SEC did nothing after warnings about him? A:because Madoff would pay the people back that it looked like he was just giving his investors raises that the SEC missed what was going on and what h was doing

Q:why do you think he did it? A: because of his past when he was a teenager he had a mom that was a stockbroker that didn't get caught so he was surrounded by that and later on when he was older he got a loan form his father-in-law that was 50,000 dollar and started his own company which the only people who knew about this was the his close circle of friends and family

2 facts of Bernie Madoff? 1) his scheme was uncovered by Harry Marcopoluse 2)Madoff took money from charities


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