Triangle Factory Fire What were the causes and effects of the TRIANGLE factory fire: adilene rIvas ventura

Imagine you were a young teenager that worked at the triangle shirtwaist factory. You are getting ready to go home and enjoy your weekend, and all of the sudden you hear screaming, people start panicking and you don't know what is going on, you turn to meet lots of people stamping. You don't know what is going on, and you don't know what to do. The triangle factory fire was very tragic but it brought many safety laws to our state.

The tragic fire occurred on March 25, 1911. It killed 146 people who worked there. Most immigrant people worked there. The fire could have been less damaging if the factory owners paid more attention to the saftey conditions of all his employees. The fire started with a cigarette bud that was thrown onto a trash can full of highly flammable fabric scraps. The building only had one fire exit for all 10 floors, but the fact that it was old and rusty caused it to collapse many teenage girls that decided to take that route died. There was no sprinklers, and only a few buckets on shelves that didn't help at all against the fire. All the doors were locked leaving people to suffocate.

The firefighters had rescue ladders but they were 3 floors too short and didn't reach to the top floors. They would aim for the windows of the building so that water could actually get through, but there was people on them wanting to jump off the building, panicked. They also had nets, but the people that jumped were too high up so when they did the bodies went straight through the nets, ripping them and still hitting the cement.

The triangle factory fire was very tragic and killed many people, but It helped many people that had horrible working conditions. After the Triangle Factory Fire we had many new laws that changed our state. One couple of the laws after the tragic event was that doors open outwards, there if fire escapes,sprinklers, for all big buildings.


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Created with images by Kheel Center, Cornell University Library - "Firefighters spray water on the Asch Building trying to put out the Triangle factory fire blaze, March 25, 1911"

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