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Born And Died

Jacob D.Cox was born on October 27th of 1828 in Montreal. General Cox died August 4th of 1900. Cox was a abolitionist and a major general.

Jacob D.Cox

Cox Life

Cox was educated in New York after working as a clerk and a banker. He went to Ohio to oberlin collage and graduated in 1851. While he was there Cox married Helen Finney. When war bork out Cox interd the war as a brigadier general in 1861.

War Experience

Cox was protecting Foxs Gap sending 3,000 men against 1,000 confederates. When the civil war began. Cox led Ohio volunteers. Then he was aponted commander of camp Jackson. After a while Cox was cammanding troops in the battle filed.

8 Habits

Cox synergized by helping others in the war. He also put first things first by leading Ohio volunteers and then commanding troops on the battle field.

Fun facts

Cox was elected as a senator in Congress. Cox died while he was on vacation. He was born in Montreal to American parents.

?Famous for?

Cox was most famous for being a major general in the civil war.

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