"Ok" Charlie Rothsteen / {Dir} by: "New Millions Films"


FEMALE} Character Needed }}}} Charlie pulls up in BMW & Sees a Down and out female sitting on curve in Need of financial Help.

  1. opening shot - Female standing or sitting on curve looking at her phone in an "Distressed" manner..
  2. 2nd shot- Artist (Charlie Rothsteen) in back seat of car to get the shot from inside the car as Charlie sees the girl (over the Shoulder shot).. Charlie sees the girl , and pulls over to ask, WHATS WRONG?? SHE Replies that she's LOST EVERYTHING.
  3. 3rd shot - Performance scenes in front of Bat cave. *(2 takes)
White gentleman gets out of a Vehicle with Duffle BAG.

4th shot- close up of charlie and female sitting in BMW, watching, (WHITE Guy) Gentlemen walk into ally way with sac of money...

5th shot - charlie looks at female, in passage seat as she puts gun and her ski mask in her purse. (Slow motion shot).

females exits car and proceeds to walk in the direction that she saw the gentelman walking with BAG OF MONEY..

female pulls down mask b she Enters building.

female walks in while Gentman with money bag is On the phone.

she draws down on the man, ordering him to handover the bag.

she exits the building and starts running up the ALLY WAY. (slow Motion)

2nd Performance Scene in Ally way. slow Mo) B- Role in ally way..


Charlie Rothssteen,MEETS YUNG LADY THAT DOWN AND OUT, SHE HAS NOTHING, cCharlie Rothsteen puts her on a Lick, to see if she Down ( Not Getting Money, You in the way) she hits the Lick to show her Loyalty to Charlie. she's 'OK' With being a Ride or Die Chic!!

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