Colonial Slavery By: Charlotte

How would you feel if you were taken away from your family to serve for someone? Not great. Colonial American slaves were separated from their family to work the fields or homes of the English in the colonies. Being a slave wasn't easy, just hearing about how they were treated and the jobs that they did, their life and how it all started will make you feel bad for them. We have come along way from there but you may ask yourself; what was it like to be a slave?

We still remember Colonial American slaves today.

Where did slavery start, who were the first slaves in the colonies? Slavery made it's way into a huge part in history of the American Colonies. In Virginia, 1619, slavery began. Vast groups of Africans made their way to the colonies against their will. By the year 1750 over 200,000 slaves were living in the colonies. Slave life was turned upside down, leaving them with unwanted challenges. There was a time when there was no slavery in the colonies. Then colonists started the Indentured servants system, after their service was done slaves were, once again, given their freedom.

Colonial Trade Route

What influenced slavery in the colonies?In Colonial America the subject of slavery started in England. England had joined the "Slave Trade." John Hawkins took part in the Slave Trade, and many joined as well due to the profit that could be gained. John Hawkins was an Englishmen. That is what supposedly influenced slavery in the colonies.

Slaves did all sorts of jobs no one wanted to do. They worked both small and big jobs alike. Majority of slaves worked the fields of their masters and often worked tobacco fields in Southern Colonies. They worked hard, and after all their work were often treated poorly. Many slaves were servants and worked in houses of colonists . They did chores around the house or worked in their masters shop. Slaves were used to do jobs people didn't want to do.

Slaves at Work

How were slaves treated? Slaves were treated differently depending on the masters. Most of the time field slaves were treated worse than house slaves. Field slaves could be beaten or whipped by their masters. They also worked long hours and received little or no rest in return .Being a slave was a miserable life, even for those treated with kindness by their masters. No rights were given to slaves and were under masters orders all the time. It is a good thing we don't treat people like that.

A Slave with his Master

It's shocking to hear about the population increase of slaves in the colonies. Twenty black slaves were brought to the Jamestown colony. Since Jamestown slave population increased. Soon, nearly 1 in 4 of the people were black slaves in Colonial America. Nearly half of Williamsburg's population was black in the 18th century. Slave population grew fast in the colonies.

In conclusion slaves had a hard time in colonial America and life was a challenge for them and their family's. Getting took out of the way to serve for someone wasn't easy for the colonial slaves. It is sad that the slave population increased so much in the 18th century. How did this happen? Why did they do this? They probably didn't do this to be mean, the English did it because they needed help doing jobs they couldn't or didn't want to do. But now we learned from this and slavery shouldn't be a part in our lives again.


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