Infiniti Ingraham 3305 Final Portfolio

This semester, I learned so much in Writing as Information Design I. This class was very enjoyable and I was able to hone my skills in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. In each project, we had to keep in mind Robin Williams' "Four Principles of Design". These were very helpful when considering the rhetorical audience for each project. The two principles that I will focus on in this portfolio are Contrast and Repetition. Contrast is used to make particular elements look completely different from each other. One has to be intentional when contrasting text, images, and other elements of a project in order to highlight specific items in a project. On the contrary, repetition is used to show how items are related. Although these two elements may seem disjointed, they seem to relate to each other in such a way that helps the design of any project look like one cohesive unit.

The logo project was the first project that we had to complete. We were given the option to either design an original logo or redesign an already made logo. We had to keep in mind the specific audience for our logo while demonstrating our understanding of specific design elements. I decided to make an original logo of my own. The rhetorical choice I made was my decision to make the “&” symbol a bit smaller than the rest of the font. Originally, I had planned to have the “&” symbol be the same size as the other words but with further consideration, I decided to make it smaller. I wanted to create a contrasting element in the logo in order to show that it was a separate unit of text. Using Robin Williams’ tips on the “Four Principles of Design”, I had to ensure that I made the difference really contrast in order for the decision to look intentional and not arbitrary. Because I was going for a simplistic design and such a small logo, I did not make use of too many elements. However, throughout the semester I was able to utilize these other elements.

The objective of this project was to redesign two resumes that would not look like the average resume. Again, the rhetorical audience as well as the specific job that we were seeking had to be kept in mind. This was a very interesting project for me to complete. I already had a resume but I was under the impression that a resume was simply a list of credentials that highlighted the achievements of a person. I never considered the fact that these could be portrayed in such a way to highlight specific soft skills as well as the personality of the one seeking employment. I created two different types of resumes for two different writing internships. The design choices that I made were dependent on the type of internship. Overall, I was going for a clean look that portrayed my skills as well as my personality that demonstrated how I would be an asset to each company. For the first one, I decided to use repetition through the use of the royal navy blue color displayed throughout the text. I wanted to stick with this color to add some character to it while still maintaining a professional look. I feel as if the design and the use of the thick line, color and font type at the top of the page connotes a queen-like feel and signifies my strength.

This resume was my favorite of the two. I feel as if it really embodied who I am not only as a writer, but as an individual as well. Presentation is everything for me and I am a firm believer that the way you carry yourself says a lot about you as a person. Repetition is oftentimes used to make a project appear to be one cohesive unit. I used repetition with the particular font styles that I chose. All of the headings had one particular font style and the text of the body of each category all contained the same font style. I also used the same bullet style for each bulleted list. Through this element, a sub-element of uniformity is created. I feel as if it plays a strong roll in the overall presentation of a project and it proved to be very effective.

The purpose of this infographic project was to "visually present interrelated data sets in order to make an argument or tell a story". I got a bit creative with this project and I used data to demonstrate trends in social media. My inspiration for this project was an iPad and all of my design choices were based upon that. I used three main colors throughout this infographic as well as the same font style whenever text was used. The three colors that I used represented each social media icon. I used these three colors throughout this infographic in order to create uniformity and repetition throughout the infographic. In the previous project, I had only been repetitive in my font choices but with this project I decided to take it a step further and utilize a color scheme that would show just how the information related to each social media network that I was highlighting.

This class has helped me to develop as a writer in so many ways. I have never put so much thought into designing projects. Before this class, I would make arbitrary decision but now I make more deliberate, purposeful choices when presenting ideas and information in order to appeal to my audience, evoke a certain emotion, or get a specific point across.


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