Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Jessica Hornyak

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

White Closed Form Vessel

Toshiko Takaezu

Upon outside observation, one might view this piece as a jar or just some form of pottery. However, upon further analysis, it is clear that there is no opening in this piece. Takaezu places hidden messages in her work that can only be accessed if it was broken. She says that, "An artist is a poet in his or her own medium". Although this is clearly an inanimate object, she makes it come alive by adding a sense of mysteriousness. This piece made me realize that sometimes we don't need to know everything about someone or something in order to appreciate it. It made me feel reassured because I struggle with wanting to know everything about everything possible. However, Takaezu has perhaps her most important aspect of her art hidden away, where no one will ever be able to know what it says. She shows that it's okay to not know, but still enjoy.

Design of the Museum

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

This was my favorite exhibit. The open concept floor plan as well as the natural lighting made you able to connect with the art even more. I enjoyed being able to walk around the art and observe it from all angles because each angle allowed me to have a new appreciation for the piece. I also really enjoyed the garden that was a part of the exhibit. I'm happy they included it because our World's art is what inspires our art. This exhibit deepened my understanding and appreciation of Asian art.

Art and Core Values

Florida Landscape

By: William Morris Hunt

This piece might be overlooked in an art gallery because it lacks bright eccentric colors that catch the eye. However this piece evoked a value I hold close to my heart: adventure. I am from Virginia but chose to come to Florida because I have a sense of adventure and am always looking forward to what the next chapter will bring. I love how this piece encompasses Florida's natural aspects such as the Spanish moss. This piece deepens my sense of adventure because it helps me know that I made the right choice coming to Florida. It shows Florida's raw beauty that I have come to love and enjoy. It evokes nostalgia because although I do miss the Virginia mountains, I can't wait to further explore the Florida landscape.

Art and the Good Life

Las Tres Antillas (The Three Antilles)

By: Cundo Bermudez

This piece is done by a Cuban artist. It was done in 1969, at the height of the Castro regime. Thousands and thousands of Cubans left Cuba in search of a better life in America. They were in search of the Good Life. They recognized the injustices within their country and wanted a life without those injustices. This piece depicts a celebration of Cuba and the Antilles surrounding it because amidst the brutal grip on the arts in the Cuban dictatorship, Bermudez was able to create something beautiful. It shows the theme of protecting Cuban pride. It adds to my understanding because it shows that even when you're surrounded by darkness, you must still take pride in yourself in order to protect yourself from a cruel world.

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