The Boricuadors Solve a mystery with daDdy

Daddy and his Boricuadors
Handsome Hats speak with classy words..
A potion maker's world
Sophia the scientist
Hey Ed can you hear me?
Old school DJ...
New school DJ
Exploring the crime scene...
Selena the observer...
The view to another world is it!
Because backwards is not it...
Drag n boots tell tales
Step this way..
Please don't eat the flowers!
The Boricuadors collecting clues
Mystery and passion live here and it's not a hotel...
Sherlock Sophia solves the mystery
It all hangs in chains
More than a penny to solve this mystery
Sophia's techinques
It's all in the fine print
The hiding spot..
Supply room...
A birds eye view
Quietly observing
My other car is a Mazarati
The blinged coffin
On 3...
Created By
Randy Rodriguez

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