What is a Stock?

Stock is a flavored liquid preparation. It forms the basis of many dishes particularly soups and sauces. Making stocks involves simmering animal bones or meat, seafood, or vegetables in water or wine, adding mirepoix or other aromatics for more flavor.

White stock

a clear white stock created by simmering a kind of meat.

Brown Stock

a light brown liquid made by simmering meat or bones that have been browned first


a fish like stock, made with fish bones

court bouillon

a vegetable broth used for poaching fish or fegetables


a reduced stock with a jelly like consistency made from brown, chicken or fish stock


a stock made of bones that have already been used in another preparation


a liquid made by simmering vegetables


a reduced stock used as a sauce

vegetable stock

usually made from mirepoix, tomato garlic and seasoning is also added

Why is stock so important?

Stock is the essence of flavor dispersed into water they are an important part of cooking stocks are ways to add rich flavor to your cooking.

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