Pounding Earthquake By alessia galli zugaro

“RING!” that was the loudest bell I have ever heard, most people were too busy catching up with their friends they hadn't seen over the holidays that nobody noticed as I was dragged along the hallway by two hundred seventh graders rushing to see who is in their classes.

I couldn't help but feel lonely, I wanted to keep my head down when I was walking to class but I was forced to look for my class.

“HUMPH” someone had bumped into me and my bag dropped to the floor, but nobody noticed. I wasn't sure if I should be happy that I wasn't making a big scene or if I should be sad that nobody cared.

“I am so sorry, I honestly didn’t see you there I have to get to class and I don’t know my way around here, I'm new and,” she hesitated, “Sorry am I talking too loud? Sometimes I get over dramatic. She shook her head as if she was trying to erase the last few seconds of her life. My name is Victoria” I felt startled yet I was smiling. I felt less alone, I felt like I belonged.

“I'm Georgina” I stuttered, focusing on the papers and books on the floor. I quickly stood up and looked at Victoria.

“Well Georgina I promise to talk later but now I really have to go” She started walking backward midway through the sentence and made a quick right into a classroom.

I looked around to see if anyone was in the hallways for a sense of direction but everyone had already split into their classrooms.

I moved quickly down the hall looking at the numbers on the door. B520, B524, B526, and to my right B527. I looked into the classroom window to see victory sitting in the front corner of the classroom, it was nice to feel a sense of relief. People in the classroom soon started looking at me and I opened the door timidly.

“Ms.Howard” she immediately put a death stare onto her face.

I moved into the class a little bit more and closed the door behind me when I wasn’t sure what to do I walked to the teacher standing at the from of the room and gave her a note I had received in the morning from the Principal. She instantly read the yellow slip of paper that seemed to put a smile on her face.

“Oh, um you can just take a seat where you would like. We were just talking about the school year ahead” she mentioned still half reading the sheet of paper I had handed her.

I waddled my way to the back of the classroom to a set next to the window and looked outside for a while.

“Does everyone know what their first class is?” Ms.Howard said as if it was directed to me.

“Um, I'm not too sure” I actually did know what my next class was but I found it better to go with someone so I didn’t get lost or at least to have some company. She moved to her desk and reached for the yellow slip of paper and read “C421, does anyone have the same class?”

“I do” as I look to my left I see Victoria with her hand in the air. I guess I looked really happy because when she looked at me her face smiled ear to ear

“Hi, do you have any idea where we have to go?” Victoria’s voice made it seem like she was just looking for guidance from me. And I suddenly remembered that she was also new this year. I just shrugged.

It was kind of nice to get out of the buildings and walk around the campus to find our next class. Although the sky wasn't blue and the campus was bland I could feel the cool fresh breeze that blew the weight away from my shoulders.

I suddenly heard something, the trees started shaking followed by the thunderous alarm, the slight noise of something crumbling. I feel it deep down, the consistent pounding working its way up to me. It is getting stronger and stronger and all I am doing is stay still. I think of everything but myself. My parents, are they ok? And how I wish my brother and sister were here to protect me.

“Get away from the building! NOW!” the voice seemed fumbled but as I turned my head a boy started running towards Victoria and me. I followed the instructions and ran to a tree with a girl standing under it.

The voice from the boy came again “The tree could fall!” and signaled to come towards him. The other girl chased after us. The hose in front of me blended in with the green grass and caught my foot I crumbled to the floor and couldn't find the strength to get up. My knee bled and tears filled my eyes. I caught a glimpse of the people standing around me. Two girls and one boy helped me up and guided me to a clearing of the campus. As soon I as I stood up and gained balance on the trembling ground the pounding of my heart started growing deeper even though the shaking has stopped. The pain I had on the inside and out begins to reach my brain and I look down. Even though I’m surrounded by people, I feel alone.

“Everyone ok now?” the boy directing us where to go seemed so relieved I decided not to show my bleeding knee. He continued

“Oh um I'm Shawn, I am probably going to sound really mean but I have never seen any of you.” He seemed genuine and kind

“Georgina and I are new this year and we were just going to class when haha,” she chuckled, “the earthquake hit”

Suddenly the girl that had been standing under the tree spoke up, her shy voice shining through, “yea that's probably because I'm in eighth grade, and well I spend so much time under that tree” she said as she tucked her hands into her back pockets

“Georgina!” Victoria shouted as she locked eyes with me. I could see the fear in her eyes. Quickly, I looked around to find the trouble that had been causing Victoria to scream that loud.

“What happened to your leg!” the scared voice from Victoria came again

I paid close attention to the pain in my knee and responded with, “I ripped and the rock the was next to the hose stabbed me in the knee but I had to get up because of the earthquake and...”

“No no no you have to go to the nurse now” Victoria shook her head as if she was disappointed in me, and she probably was. Everyone nodded to show they agreed and helped me walk to the nurse.

Created By
Alessia Galli Zugaro


Created with images by NGi - "stone wall natural stone crack" • harutmovsisyan - "city people street" • iamNigelMorris - "Destruction & Beauty" • Unsplash - "drought cracks dry" • prasongsom - "ants red ant climb the tree"

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