A March on Washington

took place on August 28 , 1963 at Washington D.C.

The purpose of it was to pressure kennedy and the admdrastion into admitting a federal civil rights bill for all races

It was mainly black people but there were many other demographics like whites,asian,hispanic etc who joined in with the same beliefs

martin luther king was one of the people who hosted the march and impacted the world forever by giving his "i have a dream" speech.

many obstacles were i the way mostly the police with their K9 unit frequently attacking,the police using tear gas,and many beatings with batons sometimes even killing someone.

They did nothing all they would do is peacefully continue protesting and not retaliate in anyway and this method would work but not to often.

the march on Washington can also relate to a trend today "black lives matter" where many black people were killed by the wrong doing of police enforcers which can relate back to the 60's


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