Democratic Republic of CONGO By Earl Cummings

The Republic of Congo is a country in west-central Africa. Some countries it is surrounded by are:Republic of congo, the Central Africa Republic, the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Angola. The Atlantic Ocean also borders it. It is about 25% the size of the United States of America. It is going trough a transitional government.

Their money system is Congolese Franc. That means that 1 US doller is equals 1,076.00 congolese francs. They were at a downward spiral until they decided to change their government into a transitional government in 2003. Ever since then their econemy has been slightly rising.

Paper and coin money

Roman Catholic, Protestant, Kimbanguist, and Muslim are the top 4 religions in this country. There is about 200 different ethnic groups is the Congo and most of them are Bantu. Bantu is a certain language the people of the Congo speak. But the main language this country speaks is French which is the official language.

This country is one of the poorest in the world. Many people in the country live in poverty. So they are in the lower class. It was listed as the third lowest country in the world in per capita gross national product as of 1988. But the countries econemy has been rising for about a decade so they could be higher now. To some of the citizens food is not apart of daily life. Which leads to poor nutrition and a shortage in life span.

Villages in the Congo

This country is rich with natural resources. They are also high in the textile industry. These are two of there main ways of encome. Most people of the Congo that own their own land grow their own food. The other people that grow food ethier sell their home grown food in the local markets or to other countries. The countries exports is at $10.35 billion and imports are at $10.46 billion.

The Congo's many resources and minerals

Since this country is very poor people don't really have time to have fun because they have to take survival into their own hands "by any means necessary". Which means every person in the family helps out with providing for the family. When they do find time to have fun the people of the tribe or village dance around a fire in the middle of their villages. Other things they do well and for fun is fishing which is one of the main sorces for food. If you ever visit this country you will have to go fishing in the Congo river its one of the largest most diverse fast flowing river systems in the world. If you have an adrenaline rush the Congo river is also one of the most dangerous rivers in the world also.

Fish of the Congo River


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