Jack Russell Terriers the loyal breed of dog

The small dog sits on his perch legs trembling ready to pounce, as the innocent baby bunny’s scent fills the air. Although there are many breeds of dogs, Jack Russells are probably one of the most interesting. Read on to find out about Jack Russells’ appearance, what they hunt/what they eat, and how Jack Russells’ act when they get exercise and when they don’t.


Just like humans Jack Russells come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Jack Russells fur makes up most of their appearance, because if you were ever to see one you would notice this first. Jack Russells’ come in colors such as: black, white, brown, orange, gray, and much more. But not all the colors of the rainbow! Their fur can either be wired or smooth and some dogs have spots. The next, thing that makes up Jack Russells’ appearance are their tails. Jack Russells’ can have short stubby tails, average sized tails, or long curled tails.The last thing that makes up Jack Russells’ appearance is their size, it really depends on the dog you are looking at. Some are really small, others are on the smaller side, and some are medium sized.


Jack Russells have hunting in their blood. They have special tails that were meant for their owners to yank them out of rabbit holes when they were sent out to catch the rabbits . If a Jack Russell catches the animal they are after, they fling them around in the air until their necks crack and the prey dies. If your dog is outside and sees a rabbit or any other small mammal, as you can tell the animals are in danger. But don’t worry because Jack Russells don’t rip apart their prey and feast on it! Just like any other dog they eat 2 servings of dog kibble ,one in the morning and one at night, and beg for food from your dinner table.(The amount of food you feed your dog depends on their size, and the brand of dog food you feed them is up to you.)

How They Act When They Have Exercise And When They Do Not

Jack Russells are full of energy. They definitely need plenty of exercise. Jack Russells need at least one decent ,2 mile, walk a day and about 10 minutes of fetch. When a Jack Russell does not get to go for a walk, play fetch or get any exercise for that matter, it’s clear to see they will be very hyper . Now that does not sound fun! But, if they get their exercise and playing time they will cuddly and mellow lap dogs.


Jack Russells are a clever breed of dog that will keep a smile on your face. Even if buying a Jack Russell does not interest you, that does not mean you can't look for one if you are ever out on a walk. (If you do ever get to see one, don’t let them play with your bunny!)


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