So-me music stories for juniors chapter one

So-me Goes Missing | Music for Juniors 1 by Stuart Manins.

So-me Goes Missing, Story No. 1, introduces So-me as a character whose name often has a particular sound interval, and it directs children's attention to everyday sounds around them.

The books of the series are

1. So-me Goes Missing

2. So-me and the Spider

3. So-me Meets the Boss

4. So-me ...Oh and Romeo

5. So-me at the Pole

6. So-me in Space

7. So-me and the dance

8. So-me and his Secret

9. So-me Goes to the Party

10. So-me and the Monster

11. So-me Finds 'Dough'

12. So-me and the Princess

Stuart Manins is a New Zealander with an international involvement in music education. In his early teaching days as a music specialist in secondary schools, he was known as a choral conductor of youth choirs. Trained as a singer with a master's degree in music from the University of Auckland, he became Head of Music at North Shore Teachers College and later at Auckland College of Education. During these years, he was involved in writing National Advanced Studies in Teaching Music, and the 1989 NZ Department of Education Music Syllabus. As a performer, he toured locally and overseas with the Early Music group, The Kynges Companye.

Stuart has had a long association with ISME, the International Society for Music Education, presenting papers and workshops in the areas of Teacher Education, Community Music, and Early Childhood Music. He retired from full-time lecturing in 1989 but continues to write, lecture, and consult. He was a member of the ISME Early Childhood Music Education commission, 1998 – 2002. The public knows him best through a series of Music Stories for Juniors written to help young children develop musicianship through singing in tune and moving in time as they begin reading and writing music. He is also associated with promoting the place of Maori Music in New Zealand music education. In 2005 he was awarded life membership of ONZA (Orff New Zealand Aotearoa).

In later years there has been an increasing interest in Theological studies applied to congregational settings.

Stuart is an accredited Open Badge reader/writer holder in kiwiconnexion.nz Which Book? | Book Club.

This is suitable for young people and church youth groups,both in the Methodist Church of New Zealand Te Hahi Wetetiana o Aotearoa, Union and Cooperative Venture parishes, and other church groups.

Created By
Stuart Manins