Florida Museum of Natural History Pariia Rabbanifard

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit was very appealing because I got to experience being in a room full of butterflies and birds. It was a much different experience than watching them behind glass. I felt very connected to nature and it almost felt like I was actually walking around outdoors. I got to see in person how butterflies interact with nature and people. Some of them would actually land on people and that was very interesting. I really enjoyed how close I could get to them and they would not fly away. I got to see the beauty of butterflies up close. There were certain bushes and flowers in the exhibit that butterflies were very attracted to. When i went to these areas I got to see a large amount of butterflies at the same time.

Nature and Ethics

There was a specific exhibit involving sea life and the many time periods this world has experienced. This exhibit makes you feel like you are truly under water and people were very interested viewing the the designs around them. It shows the evolution of sea life as well. The different time periods show which animals have gone extinct and how some animal's characteristics have changed. My ethical responsibility is to keep the earth clean to keep these fish and animals safe and alive. It is very unfortunate for animals and fish to go extinct or be harmed because of humans.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Calusa exhibit is a great example of the human spirit. It shows the entire lifestyle of the Calusa, and this made me momentarily step out of my own lifestyle. I got to experience how the Calusa lived and learn about the many things that they did. The Calusa appeared to be very strong and they continued to stay strong when their society was having issues. This makes me appreciate today's society because disease, war, and slavery have definitely decreased since then. We live much safer lifestyles in today's society. This proves how strong and brave the Calusa were. They were able to remain strong through many obstacles.

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