stocks identification

What is a stock? What are its applications ? A stock is a flavor preporation liguid used in stocks and other soups. The applications for a stock is 4 lb of mirepoix chopped onions, celery, and carrots, 4 lbs of beef bones, and water.

The nine types of stocks

1. white stock. the white stock is a stock made from veil or chicken without colored seasonings and often used in white sauces.

2. Brown stock. A stock that is made from beef bones that are gently simmered.

3.Fumet stock. Fumet stock is a concentrated stock, especialy of game or fish, used as a flavoring agent which also boils the bones to give flavor.

4.court bouillio. A court bouillion is a stock made from wine and veggies, typicaly used in fish dishes.

5. Glace. A glace stock come\s from brown stock, chicken stock, and fish stock, and it also has a jelly consistancy.

6.Bouillion broth. A bouillion broth is a broth made by stewing fish, meat, and veggies in water.

7. jus stock. A jus stock is a thin gravy or sauce made from meat juices.

8. Remoluillage stock. A remouillage stock is a stock that is made from bones that have already been used once to make a stock. Also it is called a second stock because the stock is weaker than the previous stock.

9. Veggie stock. A veggie stock is a stock that consists of all veggies, and has a all veggie taste. Also in a veggie stock their is carrots, celery, onions, and so on.

Why stocks are important?

Stocks are important because most soups use them. Also stocks have a range of flavors from meat and vegstables. The last reason why stocks are important is because they make every soup appetizing.

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