District 3 Police Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio

95 Mound Park Drive

Springboro, Ohio 45066

(937) 748-2412

“The City required rigorous community engagement with a competitive Design/Build Process. Precast concrete provided a highly integrative system that easily enabled innovation in the design and construction of the project. The result is a highly secure and functional building that clearly expressed the top priority of community engagement. This allowed for a true collaboration on the art components of the project, including the 14 precast column design. The precast concrete system also met the tight schedule, delivered the best dollar value, and established leadership, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

Insulated Precast Concrete wall panels were chosen to provide: integrated bullet resistance for security, an energy efficient envelope, and aesthetic flexibility. The precast concrete system delivered high quality and durability at a significant cost and schedule efficiency. With security being primary, the neighborhood themed columns received an aesthetic element as an important product of the community engagement efforts. The highly refined finish of the columns, and the precise nature of precast concrete manufacturing, gave them a strong high quality sculptured appearance and reliably integrated custom fabricated internally lit graphics.“

Chad Edwards, Principal - emersion DESIGN LLC.

The new 40,000 SF District Police Station, serving just under 100,000 residents, is designed to be the first freestanding Net Zero-Energy Police station in the nation. The Design/Build team selected precast concrete from the beginning, recognizing its inherent benefits over other systems for this project. The durability, high strength, and high quality of precast enabled a state systems for this project. The durability, high strength and high quality of precast enabled a state of the art, enduring facility, that is both secure and welcoming. The neighborhoods, the city, and the police department all identified an expression of community welcome and engagement as the top priority.

In service to the top priority of community engagement, the foreground feature of the police station is the Community Meeting Room, opening to the plaza and street with generous amounts of high performance glass. Emblazoned on the glass are graphics representing icons from each of the 14 neighborhoods. Each of the 14 precast columns in the plaza integrate an internally lit graphic celebrating a neighborhood served by the station. The functional program included a public plaza, lobby and meeting room, administration, investigations, patrol functions, records storage, property/evidence handling, lockers and vehicle maintenance bays.

Architect: emersion DESIGN LLC

Engineer of Record: CMTA Consulting Engineers

General Contractor: Messer Construction Company

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