The Great Depresion Michael ruiz

With banks, they held all of our money. Whenever the stock market crashed, everyone wanted there money but the bank could pay them back. So they lost all their money. Now they have something that protected it called the FDIC
When the stock market went down everyone was in debt with bad credit or couldn't even afford the thing they needed because prices rocket up, because they wanted more money.
The world economy was messed up when the stock market crashed because we had made an agreement in the treaty of Versailles, stating that we will help Germany pay off the war and which payed the allies and the allies paid us, and it repeats. Well when the stock market went down so did the money to help Germany and Germany could pay the allies which became a problem.
With farmers they had these new appliances that we're going to be helpful on the farm, so they thought is was a good time to buy it, but they didn't have enough money. So they used they put it on their credit and eventually money fell and they were not able to pay it back, so the sold the farm for money to pay it back.
When Henry ford made the Model T, everyone had to have one but when money was dropping like flies buying and and selling one was hard because buying thing was hard whenever one was selling theirs too.

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