Students at Liberty University need sleep not early classes By. WILLIAM HARRISON

These pictures show the struggles of homework and the confused and dazed looks of these people show how difficult it can be. It helps relate to the point that students cannot balance their time to complete all the difficult work they have to do.
The people in these pictures show the fun social aspect of college life that every student enjoys. Unfortunately, most students spend more time with friends instead of doing their work and stay up late to do it and miss out on sleep. I also included a picture of people playing Frisbee which is a sport which also takes time from student’s days.
The next two pictures show students sleeping in the bus and on stairs, the second of which cannot be but so comfortable. Many students have to take the bus so it would make sense for them to try and grab a quick nap especially on the way to and from the annex. During warmer weather students do hangout on the steps in front of and behind demoss so students could hangout and rest between classes.
This glide show pairs a picture of a sunny morning with a picture of a class room to represent morning classes. Without early morning classes, students could have a cushion of extra time in the morning to sleep in after staying up late. In fact, if students have to stay up late doing work or hanging out with friends then they could sleep in and get more than enough sleep.

The End

Created By
Will Harrison


Created with images by Hans - "wig blue hair" • sidewalk flying - "Homework" • PixelMakerEric - "male young portrait" • ** RCB ** - "homework" • qronoz - "Thursday.Hang.Around-4213.jpg" • boydknife - "Hangout" • whynotzoidberg? - "DSC_0398" • brlnpics123 - "sleep" • Nicolas Alejandro Street Photography - "sleeping" • EarlRShumaker - "Morning" • xMizLitx - "IMG_1128"

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